Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remembering beginnings...

As I am approaching their first birthday, I wanted to blog about some things that reminded me of the early weeks when they were home. Do you guys have those? Here are a few of mine. I'm sure I have more, but wanted to record what I can remember (yes, I know, I am shocked too that I can remember ANYTHING during those first few weeks/months, hence the reason I want to record it!)

The Andy Griffith Show
I had never watched one episode of this show before. It came on at 10pm, and I would always watch either the beginning or end of it. It was always on in the bedroom for some reason, and 10pm was right around their last feeding of the night (of OUR night, they would get up a wee few hours later). I was either in my bedroom waiting on them to cry and wake up, or I would have just got done feeding them. I came to love this little sweet show, and now every time I watch an episode it reminds me of those early days.

Scrabble on pogo.com
I got ADDICTED to playing Scrabble on my laptop while I would feed them. I would only play it while feeding them for some reason. And for some reason, I really haven't played it online since.

Law and Order
My mom and Jake's mom stayed with me most of the first three months, and my mom is obsessed with watching USA. I don't think its really because she loves all the shows, but she does enjoy them and sees no reason to change the channel, lol. Well, as you know they rerun Law and Order CI on there ALL day long, as well as their original shows, which I have never seen before. So, the TV was always on Law and Order. I got really into White Collar as well, which is a really good show!

Lipton tea and dry cereal
Before I discovered Soy Milk, I was devastated that I could not drink milk or have any dairy. (Babies could not tolerate dairy and I was breastfeeding) I MUST have my cereal. So, I would fix me a big glass of Lipton decaf instant tea and a big bowl of dry cereal.

Luna Bars
Early on, after I would breastfeed, I would be STARVING, especially in the middle of the night. I honestly could not go back to bed I was so hungry. So, then Jake's Mom started buying me LUNA Bars and I kept them upstairs in their nursery, and pretty much stashed them everywhere. It was a must-have.

The Education Connection commercials
I cannot tell you how many times I saw this commercial. It came on every single night during every commercial break in the middle of the night feedings. (I have a little TV in their nursery). It came on the other day and memories of the early days came flooding back.


  1. So funny about the commercial Mandy! I often saw that one in the middle of the night feeding Adelyn. Another one was the Check Into Cash commercial - all day and night it was on and now when I see it it reminds me of those early days :)

  2. Thats so funny!!

    Mine was roswell, the TV series. Eirik went through a period where he would really only sleep well on me so I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch watching netflix on my wii while he napped!

  3. So funny! Mine are the movie Juno, episodes of the Baby Story or Friends and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Can't believe your sweet little J's are almost a year old...