Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our favorite things! 11 Months

Here is our update on our favorite things at 11 months old!

Books! Still love books! I wish I could say they have a favorite this month, but they really don't. Life has been so crazy with traveling and the holidays, they haven't had a lot of one-on-one scheduled book time. So, we are usually just grabbing whatever is close and reading. They are now getting into wanting to touch the books alot, so any books that have textures or things like that they love. My favorite book to read them? I love the Disney ones (bought almost the entire collection) and Winnie the Pooh. We have the complete collection big hardbound book. My least favorite? Fox in Socks. I fyou have ever read that book you will agree with me.

Songs! Love Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood, and Band Perry, and basiclly any blonde female, for some reason. (Hmph. I'm brunette.) LOVE Wheels on a Bus. LOVE Itsy Bitsy Spider. LOVE The Alphabet Parade. LOVE Do Re Mi. LOVE Thumpkin. We sing alot. Jules likes to dance. Josh gets excited. It's muy precious.

Inantimate objects! We love the door stops. That has always been one of our faves. We love opening up drawers and doors (love this one, let me tell ya). We love newspapers and magazines (love this one too)

Toys! I maybe should have written this post BEFORE Christmas, because now we have lots and lots of toys to choose from. I have decided now to put alot of the toys away, and rotate them out every couple of weeks. So, now we have our rocking horses, which we love, and rocking chairs too. They also love anything that makes noise or music. We have a Leap Frog piano that they love, and we also got this puppy from my mom that they like. Jules (and Josh some actually) has taken a liking to a baby doll that plays music. she loves it. Josh likes it too b/c her face lights up like a glow worm. Jules also loves her little pink giraffe that also plays lullabys.They love anything that they can push. They have a couple of walkers, a Winnie the Pooh pusher, and a fire truck type thing, and they love them! Or, if you are Josh, you can just push around a box and be happy as a clam.


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