Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Project

Did two things this weekend that were pretty cool. First off, Jake's mom gave us this little table and chairs that she bought for the kids. She came up this weekend to help us turn our sunroom into a playroom (project#2), so I decided to tackle the table project. It is AMAZING what a little paint can do!

I painted the table white with a chocolate top, and each chair pink and blue. I then went to Michael's and bought little letters for their names and a wooden cat and dog. I then painted the letters chocolate to match the top of the table, and glued them and the cat and dog on each chair. They turned out soooooo cute! I love it.

Project number 2 was turning our sunroom into a playroom for the kiddos. As much we love our sunroom, it just isn't used very much. And boy, did we ever need a place for their many, many toys! So, our went the wicker furniture, and in went toys, toys, and more toys. The only problem now is keeping it warm. However, as long as the sun is shining it is fine. Today it was around 40-45 degrees here, and it was quite warm in the sunroom. I guess they can play out there when the sun is out and inside when its not. Anyway, its a good fix for now!


  1. Hey Mandy!
    SO sorry we never got together over the holidays. Maddie and Brooks were so sick from dec 3rd to dec was awful> they went from colds, to ear infections, to a stomach virus which i have no clue how they got(pray you never have to deal with was so scary and terrible) glad we are healthy now and hoping we stay healthy for a long time!
    Anyways, I loved your Elvis party did such a great job and are sooo creative:) And, I love the new playroom you did and that table is so cute! I noticed the adorable kitchen in the corner and wondered where you got that..i havent seen one like that and it is so nice looking. Let me know if you get a chance. Thanks. And, I would still love to get together soon if you want to:)

  2. That table and chair idea is so cute!! You've inspired me to try and do something similar for Eirik for his birthday! =)