Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help! We're Stuck!

Do you remember that photo printer commercial of the kid jumping off the diving board and is stuck in mid air? He (talking from the picture) tells the mom, "Hey, we're still here, stuck in your digital camera b/c you haven't printed us yet". Thats how I feel.

Now, not only do I have literally THOUSANDS of digital pictures on different memory cards, believe it or not, I have TONS of videos too. Betcha didn't know that, huh, because I have never posted them! Its not because I am secretive about it, its just that I can't find time to sit down and do that too!

So, my questions is this, all you moms with kids out there in the digital revolution, what are you doing with all these pictures? I was at one time trying to put them all on Snapfish, but that takes a lot of time too, and each album only holds so may pictures. So, then I have to start a new one. What about Flickr? Are you at all worried that these websites will eventually be non-existent and will eventually lose all your pictures? Are you burning them to CD? Are you printing off all pictures and storing them someway? What are you doing with your memory cards? How are you storing your videos?

Ok, thats all. Comments please! I need some ideas - because right now, they are one, and I have thousands. I will not make it to 18 years old at this rate.


  1. We have everything stored 3 places. On the computer, on an external hard drive, and on flickr. Seems a little crazy but that's what my husband wanted to do. Right now we pay for flick pro and its worth it. :) I have tried to print of some here and then we I get free coupons, etc...Its crazy how many pics we have now. I guess I just look at it as back in the day they just had the film printed and if the photo got lost it was gone or lost in the pile of negs. :/

  2. I have them in 3 places. I put them onto the computer from the camera. Then about once a month I save them to DVDs and after I do that I delete them from the memory cards. So no matter what they are either on dvds or my memory card if something were to happen to my computer. Then about twice a year I save them all to an external hard drive. I keep all the dvds in a fire safe box. hope this helps!

  3. We store everything in 3 places as well. The photos are on my DH's hard drive, on photobucket (space is unlimited with a $40 for 2 year deal) and on an external hard drive that we put in the fire safe. The videos are also on my DH's hard drive, the external hard drive and we put them on youtube as well.

  4. I have been putting them on my laptop and sometimes on shutterfly but I seriously need to look into either an external hard drive or burning them to discs. I used to be really good about putting them on a usb drive keychain I have so I could print them at walmart (or wherever I was at) but that's not really happened after I started back to work either...

  5. Wow, i hate to echo everyone else but we store them in 3 places! ;)

    Hard drive, external hard drive, flickr pro account... am thinking of switching to photobucket though, not sure yet. Online account is mostly so family overseas can see him as well. I have TONS of pictures... its insane.

    As for what we do with the pictures about once a month or every other month I pick my favorites and find whatever site has a great deal and print them. I've also been doing photo books with my favorites in.

    Videos i am horrible about doing anything with ... i have sooo many that need to be edited/uploaded...

  6. I'm terrible about doing it on a regular basis but we try to keep ours on an external hard drive as well as uploading them to Snapfish. I've also been putting them on to CD's and storing them in our bank box in case of a fire. You can get a large capacity external hard drive at a decent price around a holiday (ex: Father's Day, etc) and put it in the bank box/fire safe for safe keeping and then upload your pics to it every month or so.

    Hopefully this helps you so you can empty out those memory cards and then refill them with wonderful pictures!!

  7. We have ours stored on the computer - and then just the best of the best on snapfish and of course, facebook.

    I am currently working on backing up to CD as well, just b/c of some horror stories of computers crashing and years gone!

    And I have a bad habit of still getting prints made of my favorite pictures ... and then they just sit in envelopes. So 1990's of me.