Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our favorite things - 13 months

Here is our update on our favorite things at 13 months old!

Books! Books have now moved up to #1 in our favorite, favorite thing to do. Even Josh!! Jules has always been a book lover, but now Josh is getting to where he likes them as well. Jules now will go get books and bring them to you to read. She also will immediately climb in your lap when you begin to read. m.e.l.t.s. - y.o.u.r. - h.e.a.r.t. Their favorites now are still Where's My Nose?, and Whose Baby am I?, Baby Einstein's Mirror Me. (they both kiss the mirror on each page, lol - vanity much?) New ones that they LOVE are Peekaboo Morning, The Hungry Caterpillar, and Peekaboo Playtime. they now are obsessed with lift-the-flap books.

Songs! LOVE Wheels on a Bus. LOVE Itsy Bitsy Spider. LOVE The Alphabet Parade. LOVE Do Re Mi. LOVE Thumpkin. We sing alot. Jules likes to dance. Josh gets excited. It's muy precious.

Inanimate objects as hats! Josh loves to put things on his head. Everything except hats, and he thinks its so funny! He loves strainers, measuring cups, bowls, containers, etc

Toys! We love our dolls, our kitchen, we now love stuffed animals, this storybook thing, the mailbox, and blocks! I try to switch out their toys every few weeks, so that is what we like now.

Shows! as much as we LOVE the Baby Genius 8min song shows that are On Demand on Comcast, I am trying to branch out. They also like the Baby Einstein :My First Signs Videos". Lately, I have been letting them watch Yo Gabba Gabba. They seem to like it ok. I have also let them watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love Sesame Street, but they don't like that yet. Probably b/c its so much talking, and not alot of music. We're trying to branch out!! :)


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