Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Photo Project 2 - Hello and Hats

Jules, you are on your way to being a teenager. In your "play kitchen", you have a cordless phone, and you carry it around just like a little teenager and hold it up to your ear constantly (even though it is usually backwards). You are trying to learn to say "hello", just like mommy does with her phone. You will get there, but hopefully not too soon, because I want you to stay little forever.

Josh, you have found a second use for some many different things. You are obsessed with wearing things on your head at "hats". Its the funniest thing, and you think so too!! As any sibling would do, you tend to like it the most when Mommy is reading Jules a book, and you come over with your "hat" on, so you can get some of my attention. And I, of course, give it to you b/c you are so dang cute.


  1. Great pics! Kylie is obsessed with phones and remotes...too funny =)

  2. So cute! LOOK at all of Jules hair?! Seems like it grew over night! Bring on pig tails for her and baseball hats for him! Your sweet babies getting SO big!

  3. I'm with April on the hair - wow! My kids like to push the buttons on my cell phone (and call random people), but given how I HATE talking on the phone, they're never going to learn what it's actually for. That picture cracks me up.