Monday, February 14, 2011

The Weekly Project 1

Okay, you guys know how I love my timely posts to keep me a blogging fool, right? You know how it got started: the Maternity Questionnaire (was I really pregnant? I honestly don't remember any of it), The Baby Updates, the Monthly Pics, the Slideshows, etc. Well, now I am starting a Weekly Photo Project.

The Weekly Photo Project will consist of a photograph or two detailing some fun, adorably cute, fabulous thing the babies are doing at that time. Some weeks might be both of them, and some might be Josh, and some might be Jules. It will be neat to keep these memories as well (plus, its a good way to keep my blogging consistent)

Here we go!

Sweet Jules, you are obsessed with getting into things, and lately, you love to get inside the basket of toys downstairs and the one in your nursery. You take out just enough toys to climb inside and you just hang out in there, like your personal "just my size" seat.

Josh, one of your all time favorite things is the refrigerator. As soon as you see that its opened, you walk as fast as you can and take things out of the bottom shelf. While your usual favorites are the bottles of ketchup, and a bottle of ranch, you got lucky when we emptied out the last of the milk. So, you carried around this for a long time.


  1. WOO-HOO for your photo projects! It's a fantastic idea and I can't wait to follow along.

    Jules cracks me up in her basket and Josh actually trying to drink from the milk cute =)