Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy and Me Mondays

One of the blogs I read has created a theme called Mommy and Me Mondays. I absolutely looooovvveeee the concept. She created the theme after she realized she had a gazillion pictures of her kids, and almost none of herself with her kids. (hello? I think we all do this!!) So, I decided to start participating, because I, also, have a gazillion pictures of my kiddos (seriously, a gazillion, I beg you to count them), and a very few of myself. So, here we go. This is moi with Josh in their sunroom/playroom, on his scooter, wearing his converse. Cutie pie. And look at sweet Jules in the background playing with her mailbox. Sweet babes.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Hosted by Krystyn


  1. That is an awesome idea Mandy!! I have this issue too... always behind the camera, never in front of it!

  2. Such a good idea - I have the same issue. I also have tons of photos w/ DH and Henry b/c he's always like "wouldn't this make a cute photo?!?" and even though it annoys me, I take the picture. :)

  3. Great picture! And such a good idea mommy monday's are. We try to be good about getting pictures with both of us in it but it's hard...

  4. So glad you are joining in. I think Jules is slightly jealous of not being in the picture:)

    Maybe Josh will share next week:)

    Very cute.