Monday, March 14, 2011

New things on the horizon

I am in project mode. So, I must document them to stay on track.

1. have some proof on my walls that I do, in fact, have children. I don't have any pictures of my kids on my walls except the newborn one from the hospital. Yes, its really large and framed, but seriously, its sad I don't have more. So, numero uno on my to-do project list is to put up more photos. I am def. going to do photo canvases. I LOVE them to death. However, I can't do them everywhere, so I am thinking of doing one wall of canvases, and makes some framed ones in their rooms. Also, I am stuck between doing canvases of photography family shots throughout their first year, or doing just their photos throughout their first year, like a photo collage, like this. I have compared prices and finally have websites that will do 11x14's pretty reasonable. Or, I could get really crafty and do them myself. I love me some modge podge.

2. Speaking of modge podge, I am also in the process of making them monogrammed, personalized growth charts. I have found some easy ways to do it (not this style, though), and plus, this way I can make them exactly what I want. Some are too cutesy, too plain, too child-like, etc. I like plain and pretty :)

3. backup all the photos of the babes. Whew. What a project this has been, and I really haven't even begun! Since my post about photo storage, you guys have convinced me to do flickr. So, I am now in the very slow process of uploading them a few at a time, when I have time. Then, from there I am going to store as many as I can on memory card, then safebox the memory cards. (Memory cards, although more expensive, seem a quicker option that burning pics onto CD's. I have four CDs made - of ONLY pictures of 0-3 months old. Wow- that would take me forever to catch up).

4. still working on my goals of photography and sewing. The place that the sewing machine was bought offers free classes, but only every once in a while for my specific model. And, I haven't been able to go to those couple of classes yet. So, here's hoping I will soon. Photography is going great though. I love it, and am getting the hang of it. I love Photoshop anyway. I used to own a personalized stationery business, so was pretty graphic design savvy before, which makes editing photos pretty easy to me. Yes, I know, most photographers will tell you that good ones don't need to edit, but I would also say they are lying :)

5. dieting. As most of you know, my abs separated during my pregnancy, and they have been a
b!#$ch to work on and shrink up. Its hard because you CAN'T work them out, because if you aren't doing the proper exercises properly, you are actually making it worse, which I'm sure I have been doing. I have, though, bought a splint, which will hopefully help. We'll see. Oh yeah, and I am also on the three day Tuna Diet, just for funsies.


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