Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Photo Project 3 - Books and Smiles

Oh, Ms. Julesy Bear and your love for books! You are your momma's daughter. You have lately gone and picked up books out of the basket and brought them to whomever will possibly read one to you. (usually me). Then you will crawl into our laps for the perfect reading spot. This book you love, even though its for younger babies, b/c Mommy will make animal noises on each page, and its a touch-and-feel. Due to your obsession for books, though, poor Josh doesn't get a turn in Mommy's lap. He just might stand to the side and listen, because you will NOT have anyone else in a lap but you. And you will NOT allow anyone else to turn the pages either. Mommy can't wait for more things like this to happen (note the sarcasm).

Josh, lately you have become quite the little ham. You have now learned what Mommy's camera is, and what to do when she has it up in front of her face. While you don't do this every time, its sure is cute when you do. So, here are a couple of pictures of you "smiling" for the camera.


  1. So cute! Jules and her books...and her not sharing crack me up. And I love Josh and his "smiles". Little kids are so funny with the forced smile =)

  2. Love Josh's smile!! So cute!! B is the same way about turning pages... those girls and their need to be in control ;0) lol