Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A couple of random videos

I never post videos. its not that I don't have a gazillion of them, it just takes so much time to upload them and such. However, here are a couple of recent that I wanted to share. Enjoy!

Here is Josh out smarting what we thought was a smart way to keep him out of the cleaning supplies. We had a yard stick through the handle. But, as you will see, he is too smart for us.

And here is Jules being a total girl. She is now obsessed with her new purse, and thinks its so beautiful. And, as you will also see, she thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world. (hmmm, wonder where she got that?)


  1. Oh my goodness how cute Jules is with her purse! And Josh made such short work of that yard stick...you're certainly going to have to work on the cabinet locks soon =)