Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Project - Fabulous Bow Holder!

Oh boy! Another project! Although this wasn't originally on my list of projects to do in the future, this caught my eye. And once something catches my eye, I simply must do it ASAP. I get too excited and can't wait a second longer. So, off to Michael's I went as soon as the idea crossed my brain. You can find numerous tutorials on how to do this if you search Google. I took the basics, and went with my own thing. I wanted it to coordinate well with their nursery and wanted it to look simple and, of course,  a little "french". Too many I see out there are all gingham-polka-dot-curly-que-craziness. Which is fine, if you are going for that, but I'm not. I wanted something simple and not too over the top. Okay.

Supplies used:

Glue Gun (every household should have one. Seriously, I think I bought this one for $1 years ago)
Ribbon ($1.99)
Scrapbook paper ($.59 each)
Frame from Goodwill ($2.49)
Wood Letter ($1.49)
Spray Paint and other paint (already had)
Clear Tape
Flower poof on a stick ($2.99)

 The God-awful fugly frame from Goodwill (nothing a coat of paint won't fix though!)

 Ribbon, scrapbook paper, and flower on a stick

 I took the clear plastic piece out of the frame and layed it down on the paper. (the pages look misaligned b/c I lined up the fleur de lis' so they would be even). I will also point out here that the other tutorials I saw used fabric and staple guned the fabric to the back. I chose to use paper and tape. To each his own.

I then taped the pages down really carefully to the back of the plastic piece, making sure it was really secure.
 Voila! Here is what it looks like from the front side.

 I then painted the frame and the wood letter J. I painted the frame the same color as the bottom half wall in their nursery. I then spray painted the letter J chocolate. Originally, I was going to do her monogram down the left hand side in pink. Then I remembered I had this wooden letter than I needed to use that I bought a while ago (I was going to use it somehow in the canvas project, but decided not to) Then, I wanted to paint the letter pink and use pink ribbon, (I bought both pink ribbon and chocolate). but I was out of pink spray paint, so I used brown instead. Not what I wished, but it turned out ok. Thats the fun thing about craftiness. You just kind of do it as you go!

 Next I cut the ribbon into strips and placed them about 2.5 inches apart. I glue guned them together on the back, then also glue guned them to the plastic, so they wouldn't move around on me.

 Voila! the front again.

 Final steps! I took the wooden stick off the poof flower and glue guned it to the upper corner. Then I glue guned the letter down onto the paper. Then put it all in the frame.

 Close up of the letter and the ribbon. Its chocolate with pink border.

Finished product with bows included! She actually has more bows than that, but that is all I could grab quietly (they were already down for the night when I started this project) You can sqish as many on there as you can. They just clip to the ribbon.

Isn't it the cutest ever?? I love how it turned out. I will probably hang it on the wall as is, or I might hang it from her door with a ribbon. I dunno yet. Anyway, this took less than 2 hours, and was SUPER simple. And I love it way better than the ones I have seen online for sale!


  1. Cute! Now Josh needs something for his hats? (ok selfishly Im hoping that is a project so I can see how in the world to do it! ;))....Im thinking I may need to go to michaels...

  2. I love it! You're projects always turn out fantastic though. :)

  3. This is sooo adorable! Love the color scheme and the monogram! And I just love your sidebar pics of your babies at each month! Hope you will share your project with my Pink Hippo Party @