Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meeting the Easter "Bunnies" for the first time

No, we didn't meet the "real" Easter Bunny, but we met the Bunnies of Easter! Here is Nashville, there is a quaint little toy store called Phillips Toy Mart. It is a staple here in Nash-Vegas, as it has been family owned and operated by the Phillips family since 1946. It is just the neatest place, and I regret to tell you that as much as I have heard of this place, I have never been until this weekend. You walk in and its just a wonderland of toys, and it looks so "old-school" too, with lots and lots and lots of classic toys, and a huge train in the center of the store.

Anywho, our reason for going is that every Easter, they do a  big live bunny display that draws the crowds. I thought the babes would enjoy it so off we went! (and if you'll notice, we are still in our same Steppin Out Saturday outfits from that morning - score!)

Jules meeting the bunnies!

They loved them! (they reminded them of cats, I think)

We also played for a while there. Here we are trying on hats!


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