Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Year Portraits

Oopsie! I don't know I forgot to do this, but apparently I forgot to post their one year pictures of the blog! Oopsie, please forgive me. So, even though they are now 15 months old (yikes!!) here are their one year pictures. And don't worry, you aren't missing much because they are still the most beautiful babies in the world. Teeeee!!!!


  1. You know, I think Josh at 15 months looks a lot like he did at 12 months, but you can really see a difference in Jules! =) By the way, i love whatever the photographer did to bring out the blue of Josh's eyes!

  2. Hi Mandy...I have been following your blog since coming across it on the Multiples & More website. I too have b/g twins who just turned five months and I have to tell you...following your blog has helped so much with my own! We're at the not wanting to nap long stage and it's helped a lot to go back & read your posts :). Anyhow, I also have a blog but it's currently private. My email is sara_brauer@yahoo.com if you want to check it out. Your sweet babies are adorable!

  3. Thank goodness I got to see them on FB =) They are just so adorable!!!