Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Favorite Things - 14 Months

*sigh* Gone are the exersaucers, walkers, swings, bumpos, and jumperoos. Time is just moving so very, very fast. I know I say this at every post, but it just makes me blue sometimes. I will say that I love evry single stage they are in, and each one has been better than the one before it, but its all just happening so fast! is what we are loving on at the moment.

Books! Books are still #1. We read them all day long. Its the first thing they grab in the morning, and the last thing they do before bedtime. And many, many times in between!! Jules still will plop down right in your lap to read. While Josh (this is really funny) will turn backwards towards you and walk backwards to sit down on your leg. The funny thing is that he usually doesn't judge how far away he is. Sometimes he starts this process from across the room! They are "speed readers" though, and now get very impatient with the actual reading process, especially Jules. She just wants to turn the pages fast. She (and Josh sometimes too) is obsessed now with finding things on pages and pointing to them. (she is all about pointing now at everything) For example, in the Pooh books, she will go through each page quickly and point to Pooh. In the Elmo books, she flips though and finds Elmo on each page, in the Mickey Mouse book, she turns quickly to find Mickey on each page, etc. She is super smart, that one. Josh is starting to play that game as well.

Songs and Dancing! My babies love music. And now that they are "dancing" it is quite possibly the best time ever. Josh does this butt move that is precious. Jules goes from side to side, and also "twirls" in circles.

Inanimate objects as hats! We still love to do this for some reason. Although now we have moved up into actual things that are supposed to go on our head: hats and sunglasses. They LOVE wearing them. However, they love wearing them for about 20 seconds, then want to take them off and look at them. Then, they will come find you to put them back on them. Repeat.

Toys! They really likes stuffed animals now, and know them by name and can go find them. There is Mr. Bear and Ms. Bear, Baby, George the monkey, LuLu the Mama Monkey, Bongo the Beany Baby monkey, and Oscar the who knows (he is actually Mumzy from a Nick jr show, but we have called him Oscar). They also love blocks. And Josh loves balls. Any ball whatsoever is in his hands at all times. We also love, love, love our ball tent. It has created lots and lots of fun.

Outside! We are loving this nice weather! The babes love running around outside. They also love going to the park and running around, swinging, and riding in their wagon.

Shows! As of my last month's post, these babies LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. They LOVE it. They sing, they dance, they laugh. Its precious.

Favorite Foods: They love most fruits, but their favorites are blueberries, grapes, and bananas. They also love shell pasta. I don't know what is is about this shape, but its their favorite. I buy Annie's Organic pasta and mix in some veggies, and I'm pretty sure its their favorite. They love it. They also still love avacado. They are still pretty healthy eaters, which is good. I try to include fattier fats in their diet though, like real butter and cheese, to hopefully pack on some pounds. They are still very small for their age, but they are getting there!


  1. Since your sweet babies are 4 months ahead of mine I love reading these updates! Im pretty sure we are getting close to packing up most of those items you listed too! Where did the time go??

  2. I know what you mean about loving every stage but feeling a bit sad that it's going so fast. I feel exactly the same way.

    Your pictures are fantastic as always. They just get more beautiful every day =) And they are cracking me up more and more too!

  3. that's a pretty cush wagon! makes me think ours at least needs a few pillows or something...

  4. Found your blog and I love it!! Now a follower : )