Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday

Here I go again with Steppin Out Saturday. My problem, yet again, with Steppin Out Saturdays, is that I seem to not be able to get a good picture with me, Josh and Jules all together. I, again, promise to get better. Today's Steppin Out Saturday was a fun one! Our original plans were to go to The Nashville Zoo's Eggstravaganzoo. However, it seemed we were not the only ones planning on attending said event. After being in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour, TWICE, we decided to mix those plans and instead venture to Green Hills Mall for a visit with the Easter Bunny. As luck would have it, since everyone, literally, in Nashville was at the Zoo, we were the only ones in line to see Mr. Bunny.

The kids did fantasic, and I was lucky to remember our little bunny ears as well, so we fit right in. It ended up being a very fun day.

How our day started out...note the boy to the left....

My helpers- MiMi and Aunt Ginny

Little Bunny

The end result - no crying!!!! Woohoo!! Success!

Helpers again


  1. Oh those are too cute!!!

    Eirik has the same Dr evil smile Jules has... it cracks me up!

  2. That picture with the Easter bunny is just too cute for words!