Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Photo Project 8 - All Girl and All Boy

Probably one of my favorite pictures of you. So happy. I bought you this new head wrap that day, and you were so excited so try it on. You would ask me to put it on, (in a babble) then take it off so you could look at it. Then you would want it back on yoru head. Then you would take it off again, etc, etc. You thought you "were the prettiest girl in the world!"

You are growing up, my little man. All of a sudden we are out of onesies into button down shirts, "cool jeans", and tennis shoes. I love this picture of you. You are all boy in it...untucked shirt, hair everywhere, just precious. My little man is growing up...

I had to post this one...HAD to. Not only will he probably kill me one day for posting this for all the world to see, but it just proves my point that he is all boy. And it also proves we are entering this oh so much fun stage.


  1. Love the headband pic! And, Josh, you're not alone, little buddy.

  2. Oh yay! One more thing to look forward to in a few months! ha! LOVE all these pics and LOVE her sweet headband!

  3. So I totally love both pictures, but the one of Josh -- I love his expression!! :)