Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Blog/Line-iversary!

This weekend in the 2 year anniversary of not only my blog, but one one of the most important days in my life. I started this blog almost to the second I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to document every single little things that happened. I never, ever want to forget anything in this incredible journey. If you want to go read the first ever post, click here. You can also go read last year's post here. Needless to say, what a ride it has been!

My sweet Jules,

You are your mommy's girl through and through. Not only are you my spitting image, but your personalitity is mine as well. Oh, I am going to get it down the road that is for sure. You are a brilliant child, and pick up on things so quickly. And because we get so excited and praise you for things (like, saying please, more, etc) you think that its perfectly ok to do it to everyone and just don't understand when you don't get your way afterwards. You are the center of attention always. Whoever is giving you attention, they are your favorite for that moment. You love to sing and dance, and read. A balance of smarts, and social is what I wish for you sweet girl, and I think you will have it. You love pretty things. You love getting dressed up and (again) love when we say you're so pretty. You love your bows so much you keep constantly taking them out of your hair to look at it. Then you bring them to me to put back in, then you take it out, look at it, then bring it back to me. Repeat. In the book, The Five Love Languages of Children, I would definately categorize you as the people pleaser. You love being a good helper, and you love when you do something right and get recognized for it. Just like your Mommy.

My sweet Josh,

You are the Pooh Bear of the family. A cuddler from the get-go. You are also a very smart boy, but I think your smarts are going to come as street smarts rather than book smarts. You are smarter that we give you credit for, and like to pull fast ones over on us. It took us a while to realize you were a toy hoarder and kept stealing toys from Jules. It also took us a while to figure out that you most of the time instigated most rivary. A ball is probably your most favorite thing ever. You love to point them out in books, and one is always in your little hand. Its funny, because your strengths and wants surprise us. We would be motivating Jules to dance or twirl, and little did we know the moves you had! You LOVE to dance. You love to twirl and stomp your feet and clap your hands. You also love stuffed animals and love to hug them, and wrestle with them. You also are the monkey of the family and will try (sometimes sucessful, sometimes not) to climb on just about anything. In the book, The Five Love Languages of Children, I would definately categorize you as the hugger. You love being hugged, and you love getting hugged. Although you are currently giving Mommy a run for her money with some seperation anxiety issues, I guess it could be worse than a boy that loves his momma.  

Happy two year anniversary sweet angels. You little stinkers have rocked my world, and I couldn't be happier.

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