Monday, May 23, 2011

Mommy and Me Mondays

Thought we might do some self-portraits with the help of the bathroom mirror! Look out for major funness.

The little dude and me

Jules is helping take the picture.

Jules, after me asking "Where's Jules?"

Josh, in the 5 seconds it took for me to snap the pictures of Jules and I.

How does a child manage to do so much destruction in 5 seconds? He is such a boy!!

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  1. awww... thos eare so cute! And i have to confess I was laughing at the last picture because thats Eirik... the second we go into a room in 5 seconds he'll discover everything he's not supposed to have and make a huge mess!

  2. hahah that last one totally reminds me of my son ;)

  3. These are all lovely shots but I love the last one!

    Mommy & Me at my page, hope you can drop by.

  4. I read your recent post on Multiples and More Blog and thought I would respond :) We had a very similar start to getting our precious babies here. I too was married at 24 and we struggled with infertility for almost 3 years before getting our amazing gift of twin girls(They are now 3.5yrs)!! We too had no plans of returning for anymore fertility treatments. We felt we had been more than blessed with two healthy little girls! :) But when the girls were around 20months we found out we were spontaneously expecting baby #3!!!!! We were certainly in a state of shock for several weeks. How can you struggle to have a baby for so long and then find yourself having three kids under three. lol!! We didn't know what to expect but needless to say we certainly can't imagine life without our "little surprise"!!! He is roughly the age of your twins. :) Don't get me wrong having twin toddlers and then adding a baby is definitely a handful and in the beginning was CRAZY but seeing the dynamic between them as they grow is AMAZING!!! So there is always a chance of another miracle even when doctors say it probably won't happen. ;)
    You had asked about activities and that has just started for us too. I am a SAHM and mine have never been in daycare or MDO. So I finally decided to put them in the Little Gym and they LOVE it!! They have always been a little shy and this has really helped them socialize better with other kids. They are pretty dependent on each other and do everything together so I felt this helped bring out more indepence. I know as everyone keeps getting older they are probably going to want to do different things and that's when it's going to get really crazy. :)

    You have precious kids and I wish you nothing but the best with your family.
    Just wanted to write and share our similar experience :) Have a great day!

  5. ADORABLE pics! They look like a handful! FUN!
    Happy Mommy & Me Monday! My post is here

  6. Bottom pic is classic. Love it. You are so right about the BOY thing. I have twin 4 yr olds. I also answered some of your questions on the Multiples and More site. Love the blog. Beautiful family.

  7. Those are adorable shots! I just love your bathroom color and mirror! The red is so fun.

    And, what is it with kids and toilet paper?