Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Project 10 - The Most Handsome Boy In The World

I know you all are jealous. I know you all are in amazement how cute this little man is. Is' ok. I sometimes can't believe I own him either, and that I actually produced something this precious.

Sweet baby Josh, you have always been my little monkey, but now you are a climbing monkey. You can and will climb on anything. So, while you were up in the deck chairs outside, trying to sit in big chairs like Mommy, I snapped a few pics. You, my precious boy, own the most beautiful eyes and beautifl eyelashes I have ever seen. You are a future heartbreaker I'm afraid. I can already see myself chasing girls away and telling them not to call our house so late.


  1. He is such a handsome little man!!! I'd say a tie for 1st with Eirik. ;) I do love those baby blue eyes... they are so striking!!!

  2. You're right...he is beautiful with hose big blue eyes and curly blonde hair =)

  3. he is modeling and posing just for you here. beautiful eyes!