Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Other Set of Twins

Hi, I'm Mandy. Mommy to the most fabulous twins ever, Joshua (Josh) and Julia (Jules). However, I will now inform you that there are not only one set, but TWO sets of twins in my household.

This is a picture of Moi and Jules, both in the same Christening gown. Are we not little twinners or what? It is beyond bizarre when I look at her, as she is my exact carbon copy. So, its gets even more weird when I know what she is going to look like when she grows up. Like it or not, this sweet girl is her Mommy's twin. We are alike in so many ways already, and she is only 16 months. Its just miraculous. (let's hope she shares her momma's love for musical theater too, lol!) And, sadly for her, she has already developed Mommy's gap-toothed grin. (we're twinners after all!) Although sweet now, lemme tell ya, it won't be come 6th grade. So, sorry Jules, braces are in your future, girlie.

Sorry, but I wasn't posting pictures of myself with a gap-toothed grin. I seemed to have burned most of them.But isn't sweet Jules cute?

This reminds me of a part from one of my favorite shows, Friends.
Ross: "I dont want her telling Emma she needs a nose job"

Rachel:"Ross she may need a nose job we are just going to have to make our peace with that!!!!!"


  1. Awww, such beautiful twinners =) The gap tooth grin makes me smile..I had one too and it looks like Kylie will as well. We're lucky ladies!