Sunday, May 15, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday*

I know you guys are anxiously awaiting this post to see what awesomeness I got into this weekend. As you have found out from my last post, I did not go to Steeplechase,so I had to find some other fun to get into. My sister, Ginny, came in town, so I wanted to make Saturday a fun day. However, I hadn't anticipated in being a completely dreary, nasty, disgusting, awful rainy day. So, boo. We did get out to go to our Gymbroee Class on Saturday morning, when we took the pics. Then we came back for our nap. After that we ventured out to Chick-Fil-A because they have an indoor playground I (mistakenly) thought they could eat/play in. Well, you couldn't eat/play in the playroom, so we had to eat first. Josh decided to throw his "very-super-awesome" tantrum and refused to eat anything, threw food all over the floor and scream at the top on his lungs (he found this HYSTERICAL). After that, I just wanted get out of there with some grace after the poor restaurant patrons kept giving us the stink-eye.

I had high hopes after this about finding an indoor playplace for them to hang out for an hour or two. We have two in close quarters, Peek A Boo Playtown (where I have posted before) and a new one, Shipwrecked Playhouse (the kids can even dress up like pirates here - so fun!!) Sadly, they both close at noon on Saturdays. So, this day was just a wash. Luckily, Jake's Mom and sister came over and babysat for us so we got to go to dinner and have a few drinks, so that was fun. And, really ANY weekend is a good weekend when I get to spend it with my sweet lil' munchkins!

It just stinks when you look forward to a perfect weekend that required lots of outdoor things like parks, zoos, fountains, etc. How did we get through the winter? Am I this spoiled by good weather already??

* I, by no stretch of the imagination, consider myself a fashionista or trendsetter. The main reason I participate in these fun weekly posts is to get more pics of the babes and me together, to "MAKE" myself try and look presentable and cutsie, and to document some of their super cute outfits (they have a gazillion after all).

And we now have a transfer of the Duck.

Someone (dude to the left) is not happy

We're ok now. And now the Duck has a new home.


  1. Hold up! Jeans from Target fit you length-wise???

  2. The transfer of the duck went pretty smoothly over all =) I can relate to being bummed about the weather this rained here all weekend too.

  3. Ooo, yes, Maggie! They have one "stle" that comes in lengths,a nd I love the way they fit! I think Mossimo makes them. I bought boot cut and skinny jeans in the Short length.

  4. you guys are adorable! what cute kiddos.