Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday*

The babes and I have had a super fun weekend so far! And, the great new is that we have a whole other day to celebrate! (Memorial Day) The rest of this afternoon and Monday will consist of some really cute babies is some really cute swimsuits in the pool for the first time this summer!

However, you are inquiring on our Saturday (and Sunday, couldn't resist). Saturday I decided to dress them up in their matchy Memorial Day finest. They didn't do much, but we did make it to our weekly Gymboree Class,and they were of course the cutest babies there (but I'm partial, of course). I didn't accompany them this time, though, because I was playing tennis in a Memorial Day Scramble. Of course, I did manage to snap a few cute pics outside with them in their fun antenna from the dollar bin at Target!

**I, by no stretch of the imagination, consider myself a fashionista or trendsetter. The main reason I participate in these fun weekly posts is to get more pics of the babes and me together, to "MAKE" myself try and look presentable and cutsie, and to document some of their super cute outfits (they have a gazillion after all).

Later, Jake and I had a post-wedding shower/party to attend that we were co-hosting (congrats Kim and Brad!) It was a super fun party.

Lastly, I had to do another set of pics from this morning before church, because they just looked so dang cute.

And here they are doing what I have just taught them recently - giving each other "hugs". OMG, could you not just DIE??? Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!!

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  1. These pics make me smile. Love that one of them in the chair together. So sweet. Thanks for joining us for the Crazy Days of Summer!