Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturdays**

What a fun Saturday we had this week! Jake played golf Saturday morning, so I took off to our weekly Gymboree Class with Josh and Jules solo. Yes, a challenge, but they did great. Then Saturday night, Jake and I had a date-night! One of our friends was having a birthday party at our local winery, Arrington Vineyards. I have never been, and have been dying to go. Its about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, so while a bit of a drive, very fun. You take picnic type food (of, if you are a football fan, tailgate food. Then you do wine tasting, and buy your wine there. There is also live music. It was so much fun. Its a really neat place. For anyone local, I highly reccomend it. I can easily see a future girls night there.

**I, by no stretch of the imagination, consider myself a fashionista or trendsetter. The main reason I participate in these fun weekly posts is to get more pics of the babes and me together, to "MAKE" myself try and look presentable and cutsie, and to document some of their super cute outfits (they have a gazillion after all).

Chillin' Frank Sinatra-style
Sweet Angel
The sweet lil' fam

At the winery

Shot of all the picnicers and the winery

Our group

The nasty cicadas that have taken over middle TN

Boys on the swing

Me and one one of the birthday girls, Katie

Hunter, Rachel, and Adam

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  1. Fun! Makes me wish I lived there so we could go enjoy it on a girls outing too =) The babes look adorable as always and so do you and Jake of course!

  2. your twins are so adorable!! your family is so beautiful :)

    oh and love your outfit!