Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday - Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

For anyone that knows me, they know how obsessed I am with Marilyn Monroe. I am not really sure how or when it started, but once I got hooked, it was borderline obsessive. I have read numerous books about her: her life, early childhood, lots of conspiracy theories, etc. Then, I decided while in college to apparently make my apartment a shrine to her. Oh yes, I did. I bathroom was covered in Marilyn, from the shower curtain to the rugs. My walls had lots of pictures, framed portraits, and posters. I had lots of nick-nack stuff, like little figurines and decorative plates. I even had Marilyn Monroe salt and pepper shakers and a Marilyn cookie jar! Can you even imagine? It is amazing I manage to have a shred of decorating know-how! Alas, my "obsession" with her, we can safely say has come to an end. However, I am still a HUGE fan. So, this week's Flashback Friday is in honor of her, because this week (June 1st) is her birthday. If she had lived, she would be a very wrinkly, probably forgotten woman of 85 years old. Because she died young and beautiful, she will forever be an icon.

On this Flashback Friday I will tell of when I finally made it to Hollywood in September of 2009 and got to visit her star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and also her gravesite at Westwood Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA. It was my 30th birthday and the hubby and I decided to visit L.A. for the first time! It also helped that our beloved UT Vols were playing Cal in Pasedena.

So, anyway, we traveled to LA and did the whole LA experience. We ate GREAT (and not so great, but HAD to visit the Ivy, natch). We had lots of fun and did the Grauman's Chinese Theater, went to the Santa Monica Pier, did the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and did a tour of WB Studios. The only thing we didn't get to do is go on the Ellen Show, which to this day I am still so ticked about. I HAD tickets reserved. But when I logged back in before I left, it said that I was now on standby. When I called to say WTF to these people, they informed me that they purposefully overbooked the show because the stupid Jonas Brothers were going to be there to perform, and sorry, I was out of luck for guaranteed seats. But, I was more than welcome to come wait in standby (with all the 1000 screaming preteens, um, no thanks).

At the Santa Monica Pier

Me, as Gunther, behind the counter at Central Perk (from Friends)

Me with Marilyn (yes, I know---morbid and weird)

Jake and I on the famous couch at Central Perk

Me and Marilyn's Star!

Jake and I at the UT/Cal game (before we lost...sad face)

However, that was our only pickle and it was a great trip. And to bring the blog back to its reason for existence (the babes!) We had just started the first of many failed IUIs before this trip, so I was in baby bluesville, not even sure if I could get pregnant, now officially "infertile". I was turning 30, and just was not wanting to do so, I was having a very hard time with it, which was made no easier with the struggle to have children. However, who would think that a mere 9.5 months later we would find out that we were expecting these Punkin Poos? Love them....Happy Friday!!

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  1. So when are you making a return trip? We can rectify that Ellen situation and eat very WELL. Miss you!

  2. You've been to Marilyn Monroe's cript?! I guess I never even thought about how she was layed to rest. I don't think its morbid at all. I think its kind of awesome?