Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday - Indoor Playhouse Fun

Since it has been hotter than you-know-what here in Nashville, it has been almost impossible to do anything outside. So, parks and outdoor play have been completely out of the question. However, we have lots of neato little indoor playplaces here in Nashville. Yet another one is called Shipwrecked Playhouse. It is a really cute little place. It has a big toddler area. It also has a huge ball pit, a big "Shipwreck", a room to play "house", a room to play "grocery", and a room to play "dress-up". Its a super cute little place. The babes, of course, had a blast, and I was lucky to have my camera with me! (well, since it is now usually strapped to me, its not all luck, lol)

Little Pirate - ARGH!

The babes in the little cars

Playing with the toys - lol, Josh

In the BIG kid ball pit!

Playing with the train station
In the baby ball pit- And Josh is straight up in the air diving in it.

And, as this is a Flashback Friday post, I looked back on the pics I took the first time we ventured to an indoor play place. My goodness, times have changed! I remember being so cautious of them being there. Was so nervous about them getting on the little riding toys, afraid they would fall off. Scared of them being in the HUGE ball pit (although now that I look back on it, its about 2 feet wide, lol). I apologize for the terrible pictures, these were taken with my phone. But, my, how they have changed. It truly goes by so very fast!!!

On little scooters! One for each!

Jules relaxing in the balls

They look like little dogs here

We love the balls!!

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