Monday, June 13, 2011

Who wants to advertise with The Fabulous Baby Striblings?

Want to sponsor my sweet babies? Well, fabulous! We have a few options for you...

A. 150 x 150

B. 150 x 75


Ad Spaces: Options A and B are available to small businesses, blogs, and independent shops only. They will run down the right hand side of the blog.  Included will also be a monthly post highlighting your ad. Option A is $15/month, and Option B is $8/Month.

 Product Reviews: (no charge) I am giddy with delight to do your product review as long as it fits the theme of my blog. Although not required, a sample of the item will help me review it best.

Giveaways: (no charge) It also makes me giddy to do a giveaway! Its a great way to get exposure to your shop or blog.

You can pay via paypal to . Payment must be posted before I will place your ad on The Fabulous Baby Striblings. Your month(s) will begin from the date I receive payment.  I reserve the right to decline the sale of ad space if it does not fit with the overall theme of my blog. I may decline to do a product review and/or giveaway if I do not feel it will appeal to my general audience and/or theme of my blog.
Ad Spaces

C. 120 x 600

D. 350 x 250

Options C and D (the medium rectangle spots and wide skyscraper) are open to all, but they must be purchased through Federated Media.
To advertise in the premium ad spaces (300×250 medium rectangle or 160×600 wide skyscraper), please contact Federated Media.


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