Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've got a fever...

and the only way to cure it is with professional pictures of my babes!! I am pretty much obesessed with getting their pictures made. I got them a few days old at the hospital:

When they were 4 weeks old:

At 4 months:

At 6.5 months:

At 10 months(although I attempted to do these myself, b/c my husband thought I could b/c he bought me a new fancy camera. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,never again):

Then at a year:

I also got some christening pictures made of them as well.

All this being said, I am ITCHING to get them made!!! I thought I was following "mommy protocol" in that I should get them made at a year, 18m, then again at 2. But, boy, that has been a looooooonnnggg time! I thought about doing Easter pictures with a live Easter bunny, but decided against it. Plus, I must say, that Groupon has been my BFF. I have tried two photographers now off of Groupon, and am using another one for their 18m pictures. And now that its right around the corner, to say I am excited is an understatement. I have already bought Jules two outfits off of etsy (oooooohhh, they are cute). Super cute, mind you. But poor Josh, I will just have to buy something to him to coordinate. There is just not much out there for boys. So, now I am down to outfit #3, which I am having a hard time deciding. I either want to do Matilda Jane:

or a monogrammed matchy-matchy (being southern, after all, and loving ALL things monogrammed).

I just can't do 4 outfits. Its just too much. I have pretty much talked myself in to Matilda Jane. For anyone that has never heard of her brand, it is UNBELIEVEABLE. So super cute. It is sold in home trunk shows, and is unfortunately, super expensive as well. Its kind of a big deal around "these parts". And I am dying to get her a very first MJ outfit (yeah, its kind of that big). So, I think I just officially talked myself into it. Sigh....I just wish they had matching boy outfits, but they don't.

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  1. Ok just googled MJ. Are you kidding me? ADORABLE! :) What about a super cute kinda matchy tie? Check Taylor Joelle. She has cute tutus, ect but also sells ties :)

  2. MJ is MY FAVORITE!! I just need a daughter. :)

  3. I love ALL of their pics =) Can't wait to see her MJ outfit for the 18 month shoot. Don't you just love groupon?

  4. I'm obsessed with pics too! As a matter of fact we just did one part of our one year pics. Oh and I had 4 outfits! And 3 more for the second part of the shoot in a week!! hahaha