Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Favorite Things - 16 Months

Right now we love to play. We love to climb, we love to run, we love to just "play"! There are no certain 'toys' that are our "favorites". We love them all, then we throw them down and play. Then we pick them up again, and carry them around, then we play some more. Gymboree (above) is our favorite place ever, because we can just run around like crazy kids and climb on absolutely everything with little monkeys.

We use our little table that I DIY painted ALL THE TIME. ( and yes, in case you are wondering, Jules is in the blue chair, and Josh is in the pink, lol) It is the perfect place to read books, please with puzzles, and eat crayons (yeah, still not mastered that coloring skill yet) It was so weird. All of a sudden they were in the chairs - just like that. One day they were too small to climb up in them ,and now they can sit in them like little kids. Its crazy!

Love, love, LOVE books. It is their most favorite thing to do. They go to them the moment they get down from their cribs in the morning, all day, and the last thing they do at night. favorites right now are anything Pooh, anything Sesame Street, anything with bright colors and shapes, and anything with a "lift-the-flap".

Favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, yogurt, grapes, mandarin oranges, goldfish (not Annie's organic, they seem to prefer the goldfish), avocado, beans, and pasta. They just haven't developed a liking yet for veggies, It seems all that time slaving in the kitchen to make all their baby food to avoid this happening just didn't work.

They LOVE music and love to clap, dance, and even sing - yes sing! (I must post a video soon because its precious). The shows they love must be 75% music and 25% talking, or they are bored. Their favorite show is still Ya Gabba Gabba, but have recently taken a liking to ...wait for it....Barney.

Jules loves her sunglasses. Josh does not.

Poor Gus. For some reason he just lets the kids do whatever with him. Zelly is never in pictures because I still think she refuses to acknowledge that we have to small people living in the house. The babes love Gus though!

Kitchen time is still our favorite. They love getting out the mixing bowls and spoon and trying to win the award for the loudest kids on the planet.

Now that its summertime, the babes LOVE the pool. Josh had a hard time at first with it, which was surprising because he is such the little water bug (we think because it was cold), but now they absolutely love it.

We still love bathtime! Favorite part of our day!!

And finally, we love our wagon. If you haven't bought one yet, I highly recommend one. They love it so much more than their stroller. (unfortunately for mall trips, zoo trips, etc) Alas, I don't have a picture of this due to stupid computer. So, I posted one of them outside, because they also love being outside!

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  1. Aww... they are adorable as always! Also reminds me i haven't done one of these in a while! The picture of Jules with your cat cracked me up... my one cat is the same, but the others are terrified of him!