Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Average Day with 17 month old twins...

Yes, I know I post their schedules during my monthly Baby Updates posts, but I thought I would give you a  glimeps on what our kinds/sort of typical day is like here at the Baby Stribling household*:

*I do work, so this is a schedule when I am home with them or during the weekends. during the week my nanny does this same type of schedule

6:30-7am: Babies are a stirring! It depends, actually. The birds outside their window are SO LOUD, and if the weather is beautiful, the birds get after it pretty early, which usually wakes up a baby. And once one wakes up, the other is not far behind (they are still sharing a room)

7:00 - I go down and get a large sippy cup of milk for them and take it back upstairs

7:15 - we open the door to a plethora of baby giggles, smiles, and "Mama", "Dadas". Honestly, this might be my favorite past of the day. They are SO HAPPY to see us. Next is stripping them down and changing their diapers (which are usually disgusting. I don't know why, but they continue to do nastiness in the middle of the night!) Then they both sit down in daddy's lap in the rock and drink their milk while I turn on the Today show in their room. Then I proceed to get their outfits ready for the day.

7:30-8am: we change into our day's outfits, and then its book time. They are SO Excited to get down from Jake's lap so they can go head first into books. Then we read for a while before going downstairs.

8am-8:30: I'll let them run around for a few minutes while I get breakfast ready for them. It can consist of oatmeal (can someone please come tech my kids how to use a spoon? I just simply can't do it. I give up, lol), waffles, eggs, toast, fruit, yogurt, etc, etc

8:30-9: I turn on the Toddler Tunes station on Comcast Music and we read more books and/or dance party fun while listening to some tunes.

9-9:30 - they will go upstairs with me while I change clothes and get ready. (a shower for me might not be until naptime, lol)

9:30 : I try to get out of the house with them for a bit, and this in and of itself is an adventure with toddler twins. We might go to Target, to the grocery, to the park, to the pool, to one of our indoor play places, or to the zoo.

11:00 - eat some lunch. This usually isn't a huge meal, some chicken or fish, avocado, cheese, cut up veggies, fruit, or cheese sandwich and goldfish, etc.

11:30/12 (depending on what time we get back home) - Blissful nap time - woohoo!! They have been sleeping a good 2.5 - 3 hours since we went down to one nap. I will typically do a quick workout, shower, clean up the kitchen, living room, (it already looks like a tornado has been through there), play on the internet, check email, etc.

2:30 - up and ready to go! We change diapers again and head downstairs. They they play in the playroom for a little while, or learn a project (right now we are working on coloring). They drink more milk and I get their lunch #2 ready.

3:00 - lunch #2 is a little more food than lunch #1, I may give them a pasta of some sort with veggies.

3:30-4:30 - play some more in the playroom. if I am working I get home at 3:30, so I usually will play with them for an hour or so in the playroom and do "free play". So, I usually just do the same when I am home.

4:30 - 6:30 - If we haven't gone anywhere that morning, we may go out and run a couple of errands, or do the same life as above. or, we may watch a Baby Einstein or Yo Gabba Gabba together, go for a Wagon Ride around the neighborhood, work with some flashcards or work on our colors, letters, and shapes, etc. (this is vice/versa in the mornings if we go out in the afternoon) We also drink more milk and have a snack if they want it. Jake usually gets home aroun6, so he usually plays with them while I get our dinner started

6:30 - dinner time! I still don't eat dinner with the babies. We have tried, but its just too much trouble right now, and this just works for us better. I know we probably should, but we don't, lol. Plus, its nice once we put the babies down to have dinner just Jake and I and watch TV. Kind of like our own little "date night" every night.

7:00 - bath time! The babies love this! Jake bathes them while I go back downstairs and do something else with dinner and clean up their trays, re-clean the living room, and such. Then I go back upstairs and dry off Jules and get her ready for bed while Jake finishes Josh, then do the same with Josh. More books are read! (I have so many in our house, its really embarrassing. I have a basket of books in every room in my house)

7:30 - night, night babies! I put them to bed while Jake reads them a story. Then he comes downstairs and we eat dinner, watch TV, etc. Then eventually bedtime for us!

So, there you have it. A glimpse into our daily life!

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  1. I love hearing about other's days. Si fun.

  2. Thankyou! Your scheduall layout is very informative. I have 13month old twins and our two nap times are starting to not work anymore. When you have 2 babys,it can be scary to even think about changing their schedual.