Sunday, July 31, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturdays - rainy day fun

Saturday was rainy and yucky around here. But, sometimes, thats when the most fun happens. Jake usually plays golf on Saturdays, but then afterwards we usually met up with him after their nap at the pool. He is usually done by then. However, since it was yucky, that meant no pool time. But, its also unusual for us all to be together, just the four of us on a weekend day. And we had the best afternoon!

We did our usual Gymboree class that morning, then we went to the mall in the afternoon, and believe it or not, Jake was even wanting to go - whoopee! So, off we went for a couple of hours. The Cool Springs Mall is great if you have kids. They have an indoor play center, a carousel, and also a bunch of those riding cars that move when you deposit some quarters. Even though it was super crowded with back-to-school crowds, it was the perfect way to spend a rainy overcast Saturday afternoon. It was such a fun time!

On Moi:
Dress: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Aldo

On Joshie:
Top: Nanette
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Cutie Nikes
On Jules:
Dress: Nicole Miller
Shoes: Children's Place
Toenails: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Amethyst :)
Doesn't she look like she is channeling Jennifer Beals here?

Outta my WAY!!!
On the carosel. Best I could do while going around in a dizzyness and holding Jules on her pony.

Jules making friends in the play area

From July 31, 2011
Josh and Daddy having a fun time.

Climbing through the treehouse.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Weekly Photo Project 14 - Curly Q's and Future Yankee

Little Jules, you and your brother both will inherit lots and lots of thing from Mommy and Daddy, but it is a 100% certainly that you will inherit our curly hair. So, imagine my delight when you developed your very first Curly Q! Its was just so precious and took up the whole back of your head. I just had to take pictures of it! And while it is really cute and precious now, I can only predict the future and already see lots of arguments and whining and fighting with your hair. I know, because I did it. So, while you may regret inheriting this hair, for the moment we will enjoy your precious, bouncy curls.

Little Josh, you worship your Daddy. So, when Daddy wears his Yankees hat, you also want to wear your matching Yankees hat, even if it might be 10 sizes too big. Its ok, you will grow into it, and probably faster than Mommy would like. So, right now, I am going to enjoy my little boy in a big hat. Because its too, too cute.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - My New Favorite Hat

Sometimes when Jules gets new shoes, Josh might think that the box they came in was "just his size". And then he might wear it around all day long. It fit like a glove (or, er, well, a hat!)

Why, its a perfect fit!!

Hmmm, I may go play in my new hat. Whats Gus doing out here?

I can give Gus a hug in my new hat.

Mommy, can I go play outside in my new hat?

Nevermind, I may just rock in my chair in my new hat.

Oh whee! This is fun! I love my new hat!
(apologies for the terrible pictures. My lens was in need of a cleaning, and sometimes, you just have to move fast with the camera and I didn't have time, lol)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

I Heart Faces - Water

If there is one things my babies love, it is the water! Lucky for us its been 105 here most days, so we venture to the pool quite often!!
Here is sweet Joshie, wet head-to-toe from a day at the pool, licking the water off his lips...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday (and Sunday)

So far so good as far as weekends go! It is still hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks here. (like a heat index of 104 today, yeesh!) So we are doing all we can to keep cool. And humidity is not a curly haired girls friend, ya'll.

However, all was fun. Jake's parents were up on Saturday, so they took them to their weekly Gymboree class. I met them there later, because I had to head to the very first consignment sale of the year! Yippee! You know how much I love consignment sales! This one was one of two upscale only sales in my area(they only accept upscale brands, no Old Navy, Target, Children's Place, etc). Its a smaller sale, so I went on their 50% off day. There is not alot left, but its also the first sale for the season, so I wasn't in a rush to buy, but I did get some great things!

I bought everything you see, and some really cute red mary jane shoes for Jules for $45. Most of it is Ralph Laren, Gymboree and Gap. Score, people. score!!!! One of the Ralph Lauren sweaters is probably $40 alone. And, I know you can't see it, but one of the outfits is a pale pink veour fur trimed dress with matching tights from Gymboree! Swoon!!

Next we were off to the pool. I will partake in Steppin Out on Sunday instead of Saturday, because I am not yet to the point of showing my bad self in a bathing suit in the blogosphere.

On Jules:

Suit: Hartstrings

Its also got a ruffle on the bootie. :)

On Josh:

Suit: Ralph Lauren


Jules with Mr. Walrus.

Sunday we went to mornng church, and since the babes looked so dang cute here, too, I felt I must post pics.

On Moi:

Dress: Macys
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: LV

On Jules:

Dress: Gap
Shoes: Target

On Josh:

Button up: Tea
Sweater Vest and Pants: Gymboree
Shoes: BRU

Everyday, folks. Its like herding cats.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flashback Friday - Country Music Marathon

The first time I have ever ran in a half-marathon will always hold a special place in my heart. You see, I was having a hard time trying to get pregnant. Almost 2.5 years to be exact. I am a planner. I got married at 24 years old, quite young at the time. I also wanted to be married for a while, get pregnant at 28, and have another kids at 30-31. It seemed so easy to plan it all out like that. However, God and fate always have other plans for you, huh?

So, I hit the big 3-0. No baby, no nothing. I had a REALLY, REALLY hard time with 30. I felt like, because I wasn't a mother yet, and certainly was no closer to becoming, with multiple failed IUIs, tests, etc, etc, etc. I was depressed. So, what did I do? I felt like I had to do SOMETHING meaningful with my life after 30. So, on a whim, and not telling a soul, I signed up for the Country Music Half-Marathon here in Nashville. I most I have even ran at one time was a 5k, and that was HARD. But, I signed up, trained and trained and trained, by myself. I told my husband, and eventually my friends, but I wanted to make sure I could do it before I told anyone. I was pretty nervous and excited about accomplishing something so awesome.

I begged Jake to do it with me, but he wouldn't sign up***

On race day, my mom and sister came up to cheer me on. The Country Music Marathon is an awesome event taking up all of downtown Nashville with thousands upon thousands that run, and come watch. People tailgate, hand out water, and bands are playing at every quarter mile.

So, there. I did it. I ran and ran and completed at 2:41, which I am very proud of. I did something meaningful, and awesome - for myself, and proved that my stupid infertile body could do SOMETHING, if not produce babies. And what do you know? The marathon was in April 2009, and I found out I was pregnant in May 2009. Coincidence? Who knows?

***Jake ended up running, the stinker. He signed up the DAY BEFORE the race and just showed up and ran. No training. And ran much faster than me at 2:14. However, he was sore for two weeks after, where I was not. So, Ha. Ha. Ha. Thats what you get, Bubba.

Moi, running. Look and my Mommy holding up my sweet sign in the top left. Love her.

Another pic of the signs she made.

There's Jake. I bet he is real tired.

Post race!!

With our signs, made by Mom and Ginny.

With our Medals! HeHe!!

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