Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dollar Store Fun

How great is the Dollar Tree? If you are surprised I even asked that question, then you must not have toddlers! (Sigh...I just said toddlers, not babies - I guess it must be true...)

Anywho, Dollar Tree is the best place ever. I absolutely love it, and love it so much more now that I have TODDLERS (see, I'm getting better at it). Everything in there is, of course, only a dollar! Which is way helpful in buying super-fun toys for the kiddos! What all did I buy for only a dollar? Why, glad you asked!

Blow up beach balls - 2/$1
Mini sports balls (basketball, soccer ball, football) $1 each
(buddy) "Barbie" doll - $1
Dress up set - $1
Princess bracelet - $1
Sesame Street bath books (that I actually take to the pool for them) $1 each
Mickey Mouse and Elmo coloring books - $1 each
crayons - $1 per box
Disney Princesses and Disney Cars grid puzzle set - $1
Clifford the Bid Red Dog CD of children's songs - $1
More bubble sthat you could imagine - $1
Pinwheels - 2/$1

Seriously, can you have so much fun for less than $20? I *HEART* the Dollar Tree!!

Josh is loving his new ball (actaully all of them that I bought)

He's just so happy!! He is obsessed with balls right now, or should I say, "Baaaaaauuuuullllle"

Jules wanted to play with everything all at once: pinwheel, bracelet, doll (and see Josh in the background with his)

And here she is with her "jewelry". I swear, its her favorite thing ever. Isn't she precious? That girl cracks me up.

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  1. Love the jewelry! Our boys love to play with balls too and say it just like Josh! So cute!

  2. I love the Dollar Tree too! When we were TTC I swear they probably knew my schedule b/c I'd be in there once a month buying a week's worth of OPK's! ;)