Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday - one year ago

Last year at this time, I took the babes on our first trip to the mountains (Jake didn't go). I am from East TN, originally. Growing up, we would go to the Smoky Mountains as a child and rent inner tubes and float down the creek at Metcalf Bottoms. We would also take picnic stuff and grill out and have a picnic as a family. My cousins that lived in GA especially loved to do it every time they came in town (because they were rowdy boys probably).

One cousin was in town last July and, of course, wanted everyone to go to the mountains when he was home. I don't live there anymore, but decided to make the trek from Nashville. Plus, they had to get their first taste of the Smokies, right? There was also another first on this trip - they skipped their naps. Although I tried, and took the pack and play and everything, it just wasn't happening. And guess what? They, of course, did fine :) And they loved the creek! It was absolutely freezing cold, but the babes didn't care. We need to plan another trip soon, although I also think Jake would skip that one as well. For a small town guy, camping, and anything done outdoors (outside of golf and football) are things he would NEVER like to do.

My cousin, Melanie, with Josh in a bucket. Seriously cute.

Me and Jules, sitting in the creek with a folding lawn chair. I couldn't get more East TN if I tried, lol.

Jules with my 81-year old Aunt Clara. And yes, she is rocking a Do-Rag with skull and crossbones. She rocks.

Me and Joshie

My Mom with a happy, giggly Josh. He looks so tiny here.

Sweet Jules. Even though she looks so different, she also looks exactly the same.

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  1. Oh my gosh, babies in the creek. I am dying from cuteness!

  2. How cute! I'm visiting from Lauren's Flashback Friday! I love the pic of the baby in a bucket. Seriously so so adorable!

  3. I love that you put your chairs in the river to keep cool. Awesome idea. Of course I grew up on the ocean,, might not have worked the same :) Sweet pics. They get so big so fast don't they?

  4. Amazing that their little faces look different but SOO much the same!

  5. How lovely! That's the kind of mother I want to be someday, the kind who straps a kid to her & lives life to fullest... & sticks their kid in a bucket. haha You have such an adorable family, I love reading your stories.