Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jake's Birthday Surprise

Surprising Daddy!

As you know, Wednesday the 29th was Jake's birthday. Even though he really does dislike his birthday, I always do something special for him (even though its not reciprocated, lol) I just love birthdays,and its always fun to surprise him in some little way. This year, Me and the babes surprised him at his office. I printed out these stickers that had him and the babies on it, and that said "Today is my Daddy's Birthday".

The stickers!

Each of them was wearing the big stickers, and each had a Happy Birthday balloon tied to their little wrist. Jules had Winne the Pooh, and Josh had an Elmo.

From Jul 2, 2011

We really surprised him, and he absolutely loved it. The cupcake, however, had seen better days. if fell over twice, then fell out of the seat of my car into the floor. Sigh. Oh well, he said it was good anyways. Happy Birthday Jake!!

The sad cupcake.

Jake and the Babes

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  1. awww... thats such a sweet surprise!! =) Now the real question: did he keep the balloons too or did josh and jules keep them?

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