Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Year's Resolutions - Mid Year check-in

Let's check in on where I am with my New Year's Resolutions, shall we? Its July, so we are about half way through the year. So, let's see...

1. Ok, be 100% debt free and save lots of money. Isn't this everyone's?
Errrrrrr....Uh, Hmmmm.

2. Eat more local, organic products. Maybe even start participating in a CSA.
I bought two Groupons for an organic meat delivery place, and have been going to the local Farmer's Market more. However, I am not participatingin a CSA yet. However, they give you so much food, and am not sure thats good money for Jake and I, since we may waste more than we eat.

3. Exercise REGULARLY. Am already missing those breastfeeding calories! (stopped BFing on their first birthday)
Still missing those BFing calories!! Can I start doing it again, lol? I am exercising alot more. And I joined Weight Watchers last week. They gave me a look and had to explain to me that I am within my target BMI already, but I just can't lose these 10-15 pounds that I want to lose! (Stupid fertility drugs messed up my metabolism!!!)

4. Learn how to sew. My lovely Mommy got me a fabulous sewing/embrodery machine for Christmas, now all I have to do is learn how to use it! I am soooo excited to, though!
Took my first class this week! Wheeeee!!! Now, I know the basics and how to use my machine. Now, on to Joann's for actual "how to sew" lessons.

5. Learn photography. I intend to take a photography class this year. Since I got my new camera in September, I am anxious to learn all about it.
Also bought a Groupon for this I need to use. Its a three hour Saturday class.

6. Oh, and raise the best kiddos ever!!
Done. :)

Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote. Did I mention vote??? :)

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  1. Doing pretty darn good on that list!!!

  2. Doing pretty good Mandy!

    Do you have any CSAs that will let you do a half share? That's what we do and find it's teh perfect amount (if a little under what we'd like). I doubt we would ever eat a full share amount (from our CSA that's a full 2 HUGE boxes full of produce! Yikes!)

    Sewing can be so fun! I hope you get to some lessons soon and show us what you are making ;-)

  3. Talk about good progress! I'm impressed!