Monday, July 11, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday (continued)

In addition to our fabu Steppin' Out Saturday, we also had oodles of fun the rest of the weekend. Like I mentioned before, my sister, Ginny came in town to see the babes.

Friday night was my little twin group, POTATO's (Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization), annual summer event at the Nashville Zoo. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was twin-mania. The babes had a great time. We got to do lots of other things at the big play area because I had an extra set of hands. (to take pics, natch). Usually I have to corral them in the toddler area. So, it was nice to let them run around and explore.

Bee Line for the swings!
Jake and Josh on the slide
Doesn't this look fun? And VERY intimidating being parents of twin toddlers?
Hugs in the middle of everyone. Good grief the cuteness...
Linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesday and Tuesdays around the World
Family Pic. Yes! I got out from behind the camera.
Jules was loving the greenery. It tickled.
Those CURLS in the humidity!!
Josh and his buddy, Mr. Alligator.
Making friends with Ms. Zookeeper. (never meets a stranger, this girl, and climbed right up there next to her)
Jules now just hanging out in her lap, showing her all her face parts that she knows. (Doing "eye" here)

In the big snake mouth
Lol - Jules. She was hot, poor thing.

Sunday night was also a first in the Stribling household. We decided to join some friends out at Crockett Park in Brentwood. Every Sunday night they have a free live band play for the community. It really is a fun, great family thing to do. It will be REALLY nice to do when the babes get a wee bit older, as it was a bit of challenge. So, anyway, back to firsts. This was "officially" their first concert. And another first was that they stayed up way past their bedtime. They usually go down at 7:30, and went down a little past 9. Although I was a little freakish about it (you know how schedule-happy I am), they were champs. It was SUPER hot, and way past their bedtime, but they were awesome.  They loved, loved the music. And how could they not? Um, HELLO - it was a Michael Jackson tribute band! No joke! It was awesome!!

Jules and Ms. Katie
Being SO good in the stroller
Our lil' group!

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  1. Good grief the cuteness is right!!! Love the picture of them hugging and the picture of Jules lifting her adorable =)

  2. Fun! That one looks more like a chest bump than a hug. Super cute!