Friday, July 22, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday - (from last week)

Here is last week's Steppin Out Saturday post. I didn't take my fancy schmancy camera with me on the river, because I couldn't afford to lose it (and if you will read on, you will recognize that was an excellent decision on my part). So, I waited until I had someone email me some pics from the trip. So, apologies for the late post!

Last weekend I went to Austin, TX, husbandless and babyless (although my mom and sister Ginny came along). We all went because my older sister, Leslie, was dying for us all to come down and stay in Austin for her birthday weekend, and for a big group of us to float the Guadalupe River. We had never been, so all-in-all the weekend was fun.

Saturday, however, was when we all went tubing on the river, and since this is a Steppin out SATURDAY post, I'll keep it to one day. Apparently, the Guadalupe River is famous for its river tubing. There were so many people in town  doing this exact same thing. There were about 15 of us in our group, and you go and rent your tube (with a bottom for the coolers of beer, natch) and you all tie together and float the river anywhere from 3-6 hours.

It really was fun, and quite the experience. My clumsy arse, however, flipped out of my tube in the very first series of rapids, and became victim to the thousands of rocks.  I was first to go through, and since we were all tied together, once I flipped, I couldn't get up, because all the tubes came over me quickly. Was it scary? Yes! Was I sore and bruised? Yes! Did I still have fun though? Yes! Funniest,  most hysterical unfortunate thing about it, though, was my sister, leslie, the birthday girl herself got off her tube to try and help me through all the turmoil and ended up losing her big toenail! Can you imagine?? While I am still bruised and scrapped up on my elbows, knees, shins, and back. I guess this is what people do down in Texas?

All in all it was a fun trip though. Glad to be back home to these precious faces though!!

So, here we go with River Pics:

Half of our group, tied together.

Leslie in front, me in the back.

On Moi:
Swimsuit: Janzen
Sunglasses : Cheapies from Target (thankfully)
Rockin' Cowboy Hat: Walmart in TX
Beer: MGD 64 (thats DIET beer, ya'll)
Shoes: Crocs Ballet Flats

River craziness. There were people EVERYWHERE.

Someone even bought a tube for their dog!

Moi, post Tube Dibacle

NEW Hat (via my sweet mother) : It says, "What happens at the beach, Stays at the beach". Yes, I'm serious. Bless her heart, she probably spent money on it.

Cowboy Hat: eaten by the river

Sunglasses: Ummm, none to be found. Also eaten by the river

Shoes: Also eaten by the river after the tube flipped.
(However, found those later down the river. Yay for Crocs floating!!)

New Beer and New Coozie (lost those as well) that reads, 
"Don't look at me, its not my kid". Can't make this stuff up.

Me in the background is my fabulous new hat, and Leslie with her boyfriend showing off her bandaged toe, lol

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