Monday, July 4, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday* - U2!

What an awesome Saturday! (and let's just go ahead and admit it - long weekends rock.) We had so much to do that it was hard to post about just one day!

Saturday morning took us to our weekly Gymboree class. They couldn't go last weekend, due to Josh having the sniffles, so they week they were muy excited! After that we had to go shopping, because poor Jules has gone through an overnight growth spurt, literally. She was fitting into her size 3 shoes with room to spare, and now all of a sudden, she can't fit into ANY. So, as you will see below, she went through some shoes during the day, lol. After Gymboree, though, we went to a shop and they one had two styles that were size 4. One pair were some shiny gold rock-star sandals, but looked wide, so I had to try them on her. She was so excited. They fit, but when I took them off, she screamed bloody murder, so we ended up having to wear them out of the store. She's just like her Mama with shoes, I suppose :)

On Josh:
Top and Shorts: IZOD
Shoes: Stride Rite

Just taking a rest. Whew! Playing is hard work!

Mommy, its way to early for pictures.

On Jules:
Top and pants: JJo Designs
Shoes: Livie and Luca

Sweet babes. Poor Jules, these shoes are swallowing her feet :)

We changed Jules' shoes. These are still too small, however. Must go shopping.
On Moi (I know you are jealous of my stellar looks this morning):
Clothes: Target workout clothes
Flops: Target
New shoes on Jules: Target
Jake's parents came up to babysit, and Jake and I went to U2! Super excited about this. We missed out on tickets, because they sold out so quick. But, a woman I play tennis with was selling an extra pair, so I was pumped to get to go. The concert was awesome. They played outside at the Vanderbilt football stadium. However, to say it was hot was an understatement. It was at least 200 degrees outside, but that didn't stop Bono from wearing black leather pants, black button down shirt, and a black leather jacket. Craziness.

Jake's parents came bearing new shoes once they found out poor Jules would be walking around barefoot like Little House on the Prairie children. Lol. And of course, Josh had to get new kicks too. Can't leave one out!
New Shoes: Target

On Moi:
Dress: Theme
Belt: Target
Earrings: Sam Moon
Bangle: Vintage
Watch: Coach

Shoes: Target


All of these people were just hanging outside the stadium, listening to the show. I guess that happens with an outdoor show!! Happy 4th of July everyone!

**I, by no stretch of the imagination, consider myself a fashionista or trendsetter. The main reason I participate in these fun weekly posts is to get more pics of the babes and me together, to "MAKE" myself try and look presentable and cutsie, and to document some of their super cute outfits (they have a gazillion after all).

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