Monday, July 11, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

I thought I would join up what we did all weekend long, because it was ALL so much fun!! (But you will have to read the other posts that i will write about the other fun days). This day is Saturday, and, honestly, a little uneventful. My sister, Ginny was in town to see the babes. So, we first, of course, went to our weekly class at Gymboree, then decided to grab a quick lunch at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is a great quick place to grab a pseudo healthy lunch. There are lots of things to get for the kiddos, and have lots of variety as well. The down side/ You think its all quick and easy, then your checkout bill is like $50 (I jest, but close, lol) Later on after their nap we went to the pool, but I forgot to take pics then.

On Josh:

Top: Polo
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Cutie Patootie Nikes

On Jules:

Outfit: Misha Lulu
Shoes: Target
Oh so beautiful necklace: Dollar Tree :)

On Moi:

Top: Cabi
Shorts: H and M
Flops: JCrew
(yes, I know I tend to wear flip flops alot. I just don't dig the whole gladiator flat type look. Just not me)


And.......they're off!

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