Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week in Phone pics!

Its already been another week. Crazy! The babes and I had a really fun week this week. I just love the summer!

Monday I went to the thrift store and did some book shopping. I absolutely LOVE buying books from the thrift shop. I am actually a bit obsessed, if I admitted it. The babes have hundreds of books, literally, and they are only 18m old! We have baskets full of books in evry room in the house. Every time I am near a thrift store, I have to pop in, just to see what books I can find. Its always worth a visit, because I only buy books that are in really good condition for them (then wipe them with sanitiser when I get home of course). I even found an old edition (in good condition) of Charlotte's Web!!

Tuesday we went to the downtown Nashville library for storytime. My nanny usually ventures on these outings with them, but Tuesday they had one downtown in the afternoon, so off we went. I brought lots of snacks and books to keep them entertained, and they did really good. Sorry for the bad pictures. It was really crowded in there too. By the end all the toddlers were getting a little restless. My advice for the library story-tellers: A little less story, a little more music. Thats all.

Wednesday was Jake's birthday, so we went and surprised him at work, then went to the park to kill some time before dinner. We we to a Mexican place and ate for his birthday(GREAT place to go with toddlers- loud, and the food comes out fast), and Jake got the fabulous birthday sombrero, which he was oh so excited about!

Thursday we went to the Nashville Zoo for the afternoon. The babes are starting to really love the zoo. They don't have much for animals to see, but what the Nashville Zoo does have is this HUGE play area. They have this huge wooden tree house and play center, then they also have a toddler area (the blue area) for the babes to run around in. Then I made a flatbread pizza for lunch, lol.

Friday took us to the pool for a bit. They just love it. We haven't been in a couple fo weeks b/c it has been so rainy and yucky, so they were excited to go this week.
It was such a fun week that absolutely flew by!! Its July - good grief!!

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  1. that pool looks like so much fun! and i'm with you. can NOT believe it's already july.