Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly Project 12 - The Cat Guy

My dearest, sweet little boy, Joshie. Of my two children, you love the cats most of all. I think, too, because you love stuffed animals more as well. You are my sweet, kind, compassionate  boy. You are a little cuddle bug, and love to snuggle, hug, and soft things. Which, is why, you ADORE Gus. You love him so, so much.

We have two cats, Gus and Zelly. Gus is our adopted street cat. Zelly is our snotty Persian cat. Gus is a go with the flow, not-a-care-in-the-world cat, so he, naturally, is the one in pics with the kids, b/c he is the only one who will get near them. And poor Gus puts up with alot from the kiddos. And sweet Josh means well, he really does. But, sometimes usually he confuses Gus with his monkey, or his bear, or a pillow or sorts. Usually Gus puts up with it, but in this series of pics, you will see he got a bit annoyed, lol.(don't worry, he's declawed, lol) (Gus, not Josh)

"Mommy, I sure do love Gus!"

"He's so sweet and fluffy and soft"

"And he loves me too, Mommy!" - Josh                           "HIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS" - Gus (Josh totally clueless)

Josh still clueless, and now burrowing his face in like he does his teddy bear

"Okay, okay - fine then - I'm going!, Jeez, I get your point! Mean ole Gus" - Josh

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  1. i love it!! Thats what our house looks like too. =) We have one cat that lets Eirik do whatever he wants to it... and the others give him a wide berth!

  2. That series of pictures made me laugh out loud! That 3rd picture where you see Gus' teeth and Josh looks totally clueless is just down right hillarious =)