Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - My New Favorite Hat

Sometimes when Jules gets new shoes, Josh might think that the box they came in was "just his size". And then he might wear it around all day long. It fit like a glove (or, er, well, a hat!)

Why, its a perfect fit!!

Hmmm, I may go play in my new hat. Whats Gus doing out here?

I can give Gus a hug in my new hat.

Mommy, can I go play outside in my new hat?

Nevermind, I may just rock in my chair in my new hat.

Oh whee! This is fun! I love my new hat!
(apologies for the terrible pictures. My lens was in need of a cleaning, and sometimes, you just have to move fast with the camera and I didn't have time, lol)

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  1. Very fetching! And I think Gus is impressed with it too ;-)

  2. i'm impressed the hat stayed on his head! ;)

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