Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Poor Mr. Potato Head

Why Mr. Potato Head is constantly dismembered:

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday - 18 month photos sneak peak

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Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday - Saturdays and Songwriters

What a great few but busy weekends we have had lately! I swear, we have had plans every single weekend in August, which is great, of course, but it sure makes the month fly by quicker than I would like. I haven't even had a chance yet to do their 18 Month Update, Monthly Slideshow and their Favorite Things. I really need to get those!

On to Saturday: we went to our weekly Gymboree class, which will now happen a little less often now that football season is tarting up (Hip Hip Horray!). So, we went to our last class of August, and then came home and ran around outside for a while. Yes, I know that Hurricane Irene is reeking havoc on the East Coast, but finally TN is getting some nicer weather because its taking all our our humidity out, which is nice!

Saturday night brought yet another party ( I know, our social calendar is so so full, lol) As I have mentioned before, Jake is a big golfer. So, he played in yet another tournament this weekend, and Saturday night was another big party on the golf lawn. This was an outdoor party, and the weather was awesome. Our entertainment for this party was a "songwriter" performance. They play it every year, and its still so great. They always have three or four of Nashville's "Most-famous-and-super rich-but-you-wouldn't-know-who-they-are" guys just sitting and playing acoustic guitar, singing all their most famous songs they have written. They mostly write country, but all very well known songs. They usually write most of Brad Paisley's songs, like "The World", "Still A Guy", "Mud on the Tires", "When I get where I'm Goin". They also write a lot for Darius Rucker and Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, and others. Its just so cool to see these every-day guys up there singing like they should be playing in a bar, but they are probably some of the most famous,  well-know songwriters in the business. (Have I mentioned how much I love this town???)

Jules' attempt at "cheese"

All fixed up ready for a night on the town! Yoohoo Jules - over here!!

New favorite shoes - love them. So comfortable.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Phone Pics

Welcome, Welcome! I was at the beach half of the week, so alot of them you will jealous of. So sorry about that. So, anyway, here is what we were up to this week:

What we were up to this week:

 - Destin!!
 - Loving my Kindle by the water, and starting Harry Potter
(yes, I know I'm the last person in America who has not read them)
 - Boys trying out the mechanical bull
 - Tanning (SPFed up though)
 - friend Jennifer "planking"
 - Diet beer :) MGD 64 - only 64 calories. That makes drinking 6 sooo much better, no?
- Dancing with Elmo
 - Making friends at the mall playcenter
 - Eating Chick-Fil-A Mmmm!! Mommy missed you guys so much!!!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steppin Out Saturday - pretty days and parties

Another really fun Saturday! The day pre-nap was pretty busy for us. We went to our regular Gymboree class, which the babes just love so much. They run around like wild Indians and laugh, and giggle and just have a blast! After that I decided to take them to the park for a little while before lunch, and before it got too terribly hot. They took a super-awesome nap and then Mommy and Daddy go to go out! (Thanks JV and Vicki for babysitting!)

We had a 50th birthday party to attend. (Jake plays golf with him) So we got dressed up and headed to this party. They actually had rented out this place called The Sound Kitchen. I had never heard of it before, but upon entering, it seemed we were in a really special place. The Sound Kitchen is actually a recording studio, and there were autographs and pictures and memorabilia up everywhere. Musicians that have recorded there include Jewel, Carrie Underwood, 3 Doors Down, Jimmy Buffett, Brad Paisley, Brooks and Dunn, Paramore, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton, Los Lonely Boys, Earth, Wind & Fire, Taylor Wift, and oodles more. It was such a cool place!! (Have I mentioned how much I love this town???)

We ate some fab food and drank some mighty fun drinks. Then as the party was in full swing, the birthday boy got up and thanked everyone for coming, and then out walks his fiance in a white dress! They got married right there on the spot a la celebrity style to avoid paparazzi. It was honestly the coolest, most awesome thing ever. I have never been to a surprise wedding before, and I gotta say, it was just fabulous!!! Everyone was so excited and so happy for them. they all of a sudden it went from birthday party to wedding reception!

Father-in law took this one, bad lighting, but still glad he did!

On this weird "tire swing" at the park

Isn't she precious???

At Gymboree!

Walking down her "catwalk" just like the model she is.

Little model himself - striking a pose.
Phone Photo from the "wedding"


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I Heart Faces and PM Photo Contest - Pet Week!

Sweet Gus, is one of his favorite spots - inside a paper bag - looking oh so excited that I am taking pictures of him :)

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The Paper Mama

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekly Phone Pics

This week wasn't too eventful. I ahven't been the best at taking phone pics as of late. Honestly, I am having a hard time deciding the best and easiest way to upload these to the ole blog, so I think I may just do a big block of all of them. So, anyway, here is what we were up to this week:

What we were up to this week:

 - Goodbye Nissan Altima :(
 - Hello Nissan Rogue! 
 - Jules and I sticking our bottom lip out to each other
(its her new favorite thing to do and so dang  cute)
- Josh with his big boy sports water bottle that he like to pour out
 - New pigtails!
 - Trip to Target (its uber fun with twins, I tell ya)
 - Eating a snack
 - Playing with our new crafty alphabet catepillar
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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Reel Wanderers

This post is actually not about me, or the babes. Its about some friends of our that are honestly doing the most amazing thing, and I just want to give them a shout-out of support.

Richie and Leia Buchanan lived in Nashville and grew up in Middle TN. They have two little boys, the oldest about to start kindergarten. They wanted something different for themselves and their children. So, this summer they decided to pack up and move. They sold absolutely everything to their name except what would fit in a van and small trailer.

They then set off out west. They did a  bit of research on where they would end up, and at the last I think it might be Bend, Oregon. But, they didn't know for sure. They are just going out there and will live where they like best. They just wanted somewhere different than TN. They wanted their kids to grow up differently and more open cultured than they did. So they set of a couple of weeks ago and saw the Western United States. They have camped and traveled.

Its just so awe inspiring that I just had to post about it and share their blog of their journey. It is just something I honestly would or could ever do, and I think that's why I admire them. Good for you guys! We will miss you terribly, but wish you and your family the most awesome  life and journey!

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Flashback Friday - pictures

I have seen this a couple of places before, like here. Even though its kind of old, I have been wanting to do it, so now I am. I love looking back on special moments in my life, and thought it would be a great Flashback Friday post. if you do the same, post a comment so I can check yours out.

1. Someone you spend alot of time with:


2. A picture of you:

3. A random picture of you and your significant other:

4. A picture of something that makes you happy:

5. An old picture of you: (second from the left. Yikes. However, we were cool WAY before Glee)

6. A picture of your sibling: (Leslie, then Ginny, then moi)

7. A picture you've never posted on your blog before: (a work photo at one of my schools' Jump Rope for Heart events)

8. A picture of a person you miss: (my Nanny)

9 - A picture of people who know you now and then:(the Fam)

10 - A picture of your favorite place: (NYC - have been lots and lots of times)

11 - A person you can tell everything to: (my BFF since 6th grade, Larissa)

12 - A picture of your everyday life:

13 - A picture from a place you love: (Hilton Head Island)

14 - A picture that reminds you of great times: (Oh, like 5am sipping champagne the morning of the royal wedding of William and Kate)

15 - A class photo (Senior Picture, circa 1996):

16 - A picture from the best day of your life:

17 - A picture that always makes you laugh:
(they are both literally in a picnic basket. they were so teeny tiny)

18 - A picture of your spare time:
(hanging out with Jake, out to eat, maybe at a bar)

19 - A photo from a great night: (wedding, October19, 2002)

20 - A picture of the people who are closest to you:

21 - A picture of someone you always have a good time with: (my bestie Ms. Marette)


22 - A picture of someone who means the world to you: (mi madre)

23 - A picture from last summer: (Josh sitting in his Bumpo while Jules is trying so hard to learn to crawl)

24 - A photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not sig. other): (Jason Patel, AKA Patelly)

25 - A picture of you on a favorite vacation: (Paris)

26 - A picture of an accomplishment: (Making it all the way to the end carrying twins. The doctor induced me. I didn't deliver prematurely)

27 - A picture of your closest friends:

28 - A random picture from photobooth:

29 - A photo that makes you smile:

30 - Someone you will never let go of:

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