Wednesday, August 3, 2011

18 Month Well Doctor Visit

We had the babes' 18 month well visit last week. Ads much as it the furthest thing from a pleasurable expierence (they cry and scream pretty much the moment we walk down the hall. Its like taking dogs to the vet) I still get really excited about them, but I love seeing how they progressed. Maybe most moms do this too, but I think I am more so because it is a daily challenge to get these babies to grow and gain weight. I think they are fine, but its just a constant worry I have for them to be so much smaller than other kids their age.

Anyway, here are the results from the latest appt:

Weight: HUGE inprovement here!!! Wheeee!!! up to 22lb7oz - 8th percentile!!!, up from 20lb6oz at the 15m well visit (4th percentile)
Height: 32.25 inches - 49th percentile!!! So good! Up from 30.5in (24%). Can you say growth spurt?? And another little tidbit, for the first time, Josh is taller than Jules. Whew!
Head: 18.5in, 25%. He has stayed a steady steam on the 25% for a while.

Weight: She is a little mini, at 20lb3oz - 3rd percentile. This is the first time that Josh has been more than a pound difference in her. She was in the 5th percentile at her 15m visit, right at 20lbs, so she hasn't gained much wight at all, which is shocking, because she is a much better eater than Josh. (although quite a bit more active)
Height: 32in, perfect in the 51st percentile! Up from 31inches and the 49th percentile.
Head: 18.11in, 30th percentile. Doing great here too.

All in all, a great visit, if you disregard all the screaming and shots and such. They had to get another vaccine and also do their toe prick for an iron test. But, again, I love seeing how much they are growing and progressing!

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