Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Boys/Girls get Big Boy/Girl seats

I guess I should post our latest milestone around these parts. Well, first off, we are no longer in infant carriers in either car! YAY!! We have had Britax Marathons in Jake's car for a few months now, but me and my nanny have still been sharing the Graco SnugRide 32's in mine. Yes, I know, I know. Its quite embarrassing that I have 18 month olds still in infant carriers. But, in my defense, they are still way less than 32 pounds, but were creeping up on the 32in mark. And, also in my defense, I am buying FOUR carseats here, people. FOUR. Do you know how expensive that is??

So, a couple of weeks ago I also got two Britax Roundabouts. They are much smaller, so these I decided will be the "share" seats. So, I am now riding with the Marathons in my car, and Jake and my nanny will share the Roundabouts. So, YAY!! Big step in our little toddler life.

Another big milestone is the babes are now forward facing. This was a huge, HUGE step for me. Mainly because I know that I'm not supposed to do it. But, I felt like I was losing a battle. Everyone around me (family, friends, husband, etc) kept urging to turn them around and face forward. I just kept saying no. I just hated agreeing to something that was recommended by the AAP for a reason, ya know? I said I would maybe do it when they turned 18 months, and kind of split the difference. My pediatrician told me what they are supposed to say, "Well, (they said), they law says 20lbs and one year old. The AAP says they are safer backwards until at least 2." And, thats all they said. No "yes" or "no". I will also say that my babies are terrible, terrible riders (mainly the girl, not so much the boy), which is mainly why people kept saying let's turn them around. And, honestly, they may have their Mommy's car-sick gene, and just hate riding backwards. I can relate. So, in an inaugural trip to Knoxville (3hr drive), they turned forward facing. I still tried to keep them backwards, I'm not going to lie, but half way through the trip I turned them around. Did it help? I dunno. They still don't like to ride anywhere at all. Do I feel guilty? Oh, terribly. I am just going to cross every finger I have and pray, pray, pray that I made the best decision and that nothing happens to my sweet babes! Until then, I just have to think positive and look at it as another milestone in their growing lives :) After all, I may not have even rode IN a carseat as a child, right? And I'm fine! (well, lol, depends on who you ask)

Big boys and girls forward facing!!

Jules is SUPER excited about it, can't you tell????

And so is Josh!! Giddy with excitement!

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  1. we turned our twins around at 13 months. I never told anyone because man this issue really gets people going! But mine are also terrible riders and so like you on a trip, we turned them around. They are also pretty long and heavy at 15.5 months.

  2. It's so funny how some kids love the car and others...well, don't. Their little expressions tell it all!