Thursday, August 11, 2011

Computer Update, Prendre Trois and Why I love

So, I went to the computer place and picked up my sad, sick little laptop. I basically threw in the towel after they told me the hard drive was unfixable. So, I had them put a new one in and they sent me on my way, broken hearted and empty with the thought of of my lost pictures, memories, book, programs, etc, etc, etc.

So, I went home and started backing up. I knew it was going to be a long and painful process. I have pictures online from months 4-12 (I had backed up everything from 0-4m, and still had all pictures on memory cards from 12m+) so I was just going to find them and right click and save. Sigh...was not looking forward to it.

So, I have pictures first off on that I save "sort-of" regularly. However, after going there, I discover they won't let you download pictures that you uploaded. Crazy, no? They WILL, but for a fee of like $.50/picture of something like that.

I saved facebook for last, because I only post there sporadically. I had just begun to use flikr, so knew I didn't have a lot to work with on there.

Next was As you all know, I love my slideshows and have been doing them since the beginning. Its a great way of posting a bunch of pictures in one post without taking up the whole page. And since, I take a TON of pictures per month, its easier this way. is this really cheesy little website though, kind of for fun only. Its certainly not a way to backup pictures, for crying out loud. Well, imagine my utter surprise and Dee-wait for it-Lite that downloading every picture from each slide show was as simple and a couple of clicks. It let me download each slideshow in a compressed file to my computer, in full size and format that it was originally uploaded. Can I get a WHOOHOO!!!!???????? And the pictures are already organized by month, since I do each slideshow that way anyway.

Isn't this the most fantastic news ever??? YAY!!!!!!

In other good news, I have photoshop back and running, as well as my ever-so-missed actions that I love so dearly. As much as I was grateful to Picasa and Picnik in the meantime, boy have I missed photoshop. However, still no good news on the book front, but oh well. You pick and celebrate small victories. The babies were most important, and was one of those fabulous victories. Hurrah!

So, now I still have pictures like these, from 9 months old, just playing in a box, with Jules trying to stand up, and Josh just hanging out.

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