Friday, August 5, 2011

Computer Update

If you recall, my hard drive crashed. Well, I finally heard back from the computer peeps yesterday. Do you want the good news or bad news first? Bad news it is!

They cannot fix it. The hard drive is so badly damaged that each time they would try to run data recovery, it would run for about an hour then crash again. They have been working on it off and on for several weeks now, with no luck. He said that hard drives are a tricky thing. That I did not do anything wrong at all, that it just sometimes "happens". That hard drives can last 10 years, or 10 months. I am beyond devastated. I have lost numerous pictures. Yes, I know I have some posted on facebook, some on my slideshows, some on Snapfish, and some on Picasa that have been saved from my blog (thanks Tiff for that tidbit!). But to go through each site is going to take alot of time, and its still not going to be all of them. I did have all the pictures from maybe birth - 4 months backed up, so thats good. Just nothing from 4 months on. I have also lost all my computer programs, including photoshop. I have lost all my beautiful photoshop actions, and they were expensive, a few hundred dollars. I lost the beginnings of my novel that I was writing. And yes, I know I coudl start again, but it was all I could do to get what I could in my computer, and I don't know if I will make that effort again starting from scratch, which is disheartening.

Now for the good news. Oh yeah, there is none. I get to go pick up my broken laptop and buy all new crap for it. Oh joy. Back up your shit. Don't make the same mistake I did. Oh, yeah, and the laptop was only a couple of years old, too. Fabulous. And isn't it ironic that I was posting about this back in February. Its like I am psychic and knew this was about to happen.

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  1. OH my gosh, I'm so sorry! That really IS devastating, I've had it happen too. Oh and your novel, that made me so sad to read.

    There's really nothing to be done but watch the "sad mac" episode of S&TC. (I think the official episode title is something along the lines of My Motherboard Myself) Trust me, it helps.

  2. Lauren, it was on this past weekend! Its one of my absolute favorites. When they are walking down the funeral aisle and see Aidan and Steve....sobs!!

  3. Oh Mandy I'm sorry!! =( You've reminded me I really need to buy a bigger external hard drive just for this very reason!

  4. So sorry Mandy! That sucks!!!!!! I know the feeling of losing pictures and stuff on computers :( ((HUGS))