Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of Summer

The end of my summer is officially here. And I am so very sad about it. I almost wish I worked 8-5 Monday through Friday, so I wouldn't get these breaks and realize how fabulous they are to have. For those who don't know, I have this amazing job with an amazing non-profit organization with an amazing schedule. I work with schools across Middle Tennessee in advocacy and fundraising. What this means is that I usually have a school-like schedule, without being a teacher :) It is the absolute best job to have with kiddos, and even better than a teacher's job, because if need be, I can work from home a day or so. Trust me, it can have its bad days, and come February (heart month) its downright stressful misery.

However, because of my fabulous schedule, once summer comes to an end, I get sad. I felt like an "almost" stay at home mom for a few days this summer. I was able to take them to the zoo, to the park, to the pool, and participate in playdates, which I have never done before. Last summer they were only about 6-8 months old, so it wasn't so bad. But now that they are (yikes) toddlers, it makes leaving them all the harder.

On the flipside, I love working and balancing SAHM vs Working Mommyhood. Having twin toddlers can be a rough day, especially those days where napping doesn't seem like much fun. So, it is nice to get that separation sometimes too. I think I will always battle the decision to stay-at-home and work, and thats why I think I have it pretty good now. I have a pretty good balance of both. It doesn't mean I don't miss them like crazy when I'm at work. But, its nice to work too.

So, Summer, I bid you adeiu. It was nice playing with you and Josh and Jules. I loved the sunshine. I loved introducing the babies to Elephants and Meer Cats and Pink Flamingoes and Goats. I loved working with them on letters and numbers, shapes and colors. I loved letting them meet other kiddos their age and for me to meet other moms in the area. Sigh...back to the grind.

Until next year,


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  1. I'm going to miss all the summer activities too, but I am excited for fall and winter! I loooooveeee fall :)

  2. I agree! I luv Summer but am looking forward to the cool, crisp days ahead :)

    I'm stopping by via the Friday Blog Hop and am your newest GFC Follower.

    ~ Jill