Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How many photos is too many photos?

This is a question I ask myself more than once. Apparently everyone around me thinks I take way too many pictures of my babies, and I would just like some opinions about what other mommies do. I defend my mad photo obsession. And, if I am a crazy person, I will freely admit it and try to scale back. but, I am just throwing the question out there...

How many is too many? And how often is too often?

I can say I sometimes take pictures of the babes every day. Sometimes once of twice per week. I don't know why it is, but I am obsessed with taking pictures of them! If I see a good picture its all I can do to grab my camera and snap away. I honestly think they are the most precious, cutest things in the world!

I dunno. Maybe its because I tried so hard to have them, and wnated them so badly. Or maybe its because I think that these will be my only children. Or maybe I think that I have to document every single second of else I'll forget. Or maybe i want to capture as many smiles, laughs, milestones, etc as I can. Or maybe because I love my camera and love taking pictures. Or maybe its just the time in which we live that allows us to take hundreds and hundreds of photos digitally without taking up room or space in photo albums. I just dunno. And I know my parents did not take 1% of any many of me as I have already taken of these babies.

Jake thinks its too much,  and he's probably right. He always asks "Are you just going to sit around and look at baby pictures when they're old? do you think your mom does that?" And I think, hmm, maybe! He just can't foresee us keeping up with the thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures I know we will have by the time the are older. (I usually take 100-200 per month, usually more). I do take a ton of pictures of them, granted. When I thought I had lost most of them in the Hardrive Crash of 2011, it honestly devastated me. So, I do get his opinion, and understand it. What ARE we going to do with the multiple thousand pictures we will have by the time they are older? Do we need multiple thousand pictures? I dunno. I just know if I miss a smile it will break my heart :)

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  1. We take lots of pictures (100-150 a month) too so you certainly aren't alone. Family that doesn't live close look at them weekly to keep up on what she's up to. I can say I've looked at all of them at least 20 times so far...and if I never look at them again (which WON'T be the case!) it was totally worth taking them. I would love to look through the electronic albums of baby pictures of me when I was little if I had I'm hoping that she will be thankful to have them one day. And let's not forget that you have to take LOTS of pictures to end up with those ones that are just too precious for words =) I'd say blow off the critics...unless of course you've gone completely over the edge and your kids cry when the camera comes out. If that happens maybe it's time to put the camera down *lol*

  2. July I took 298 and June I took 393. And those are post-edited, throw out the bad ones. What I am doing is taking each year of the twins' lives and making photo books. You know how we have lose baby pictures that get stored in a box and never enjoyed? I'm going to give my kids their baby books for each year of their lives until they turn 18. That way they have them in book form where they won't get crumpled or ruined and if they ever want a copy printed I have them all saved on our EXTERNAL (haaa :)) hard drive, which I intend to also save onto a disc and then put into our safe. So, anytime anyone makes you feel like you take too many you just come to me and we'll talk about how we are NORMAL. :)

  3. You're not alone! I do the same thing & my husband barks at me about it too. Truth be known though, he looks at the pics almost more than me and sits back and smiles as he's looking at them. And when I see it I say "aren't you glad I took those?" and he sheepishly agrees. Besides, when we're empty nesters and I'm wanting my babies back I can look back at the pics and bring those memories back in a second that may have been completely forgotten about had the pics not been taken. Keep snapping away!

  4. Ha! hahahahahahahaha! yeah. it's not unusual for me to snap a couple hundred just in a single shoot. we've got 10,000 pictures in our iphotos from 2011 so far.

    i have a problem!