Monday, August 8, 2011

I Heart Faces - Friendship

I am posting this one again, because I love it so.  And, I know they are wanting something really sweet, but how about something a little "Sweet and Sour"?

Sweet: Josh, alsoutely loves Gus the cat. He thinks they are the best of friends and constantly comes up and hugs him all the time.

Sour: Gus wishing Josh would get the $%@# off of him.

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  1. LOL i love the cats expression in this! TOO CUTE! :o) it's hard being a bff sometimes! haha

  2. The cat's expression is hilarious!!

  3. oh my gosh that CAT! what a hilarious picture!!

  4. Hahahaaa.... I focused first on your boy's face and thought "how sweet!" Then Gus came into focus, and then I read what you wrote. That is HILARIOUS! what a great capture... !